New Release – Oct 23, 2023

Our latest QuickSchools release contains improvements to the Orchestra Master Scheduler, Email Messaging as well as general improvements to our Student Information System

Master Scheduler

  • Ability to bulk delete Courses in Course Catalog
  • Improve support for multi-semester (i.e. Full Year) Enrollment Periods
  • Miscellaneous UI Improvements to Step1 and Step 5
  • New Rejections for Tag Mismatch

Email / Deliverability

  • Upgrade Integration to MailGun
  • New Option to change Sender for better Deliverability (See below)
  • Bug Fix logging for bad email addresses 

General Bug Fixes / Improvements

  • Payment Plan support for students with multiple Primary Payers
  • Show student nick names in “Classes & Homerooms”
  • Improve how Attendance Roster is Refreshed
  • Cosmetic improvements to Featured App Widget
  • Improve support for White Label
  • Bug Fix Section Attendance for Periods that are Not-A-School-Day
  • Bug Fix Summary Reports for Attendance by Week
  • Bug Fix Generated PDF for Homework / Assignments
  • Bug Fix set Enrollment Date when re-enrolling from Admissions

Beta Improvements

  • Mass Set Section Attendance
  • Option to remove “Now” Indicator for “Courses & Sections”
  • Refactor / Improve Chronos Transcripts

Email Deliverability (Emails going to Spam)

If you’re noticing that emails sent via QuickSchools are going to SPAM, you basically have 2 options. The first option, if you have your own domain, is to set up your SPF records to allow emails to be sent via (or We will be writing up a separate article on how to do this.

The other option is to send emails using the domain. Schools can now request for this to be enabled (especially if you don’t have your own domain). Although the “Sender” will say, the “Reply-To” field will still refer back to the actual sender. 

If you’re interested in trying out this feature, please reach out to our support team.

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