New Release – May 30, 2023

Our latest release contains improvements to the Orchestra Master Scheduler as well as general improvements to our Student Information System and API Resources:

New Caseload Settings by Teacher and Course by QuickSchools
New Caseload Settings by Teacher and Course (or Courseload)

Here is a list of the latest QuickSchools improvements:

Master Scheduler

  • Caseload by Teacher and Course – Courseload (see above)
  • Step 5 “Next Course” Algorithm support for more than 2 semesters
  • Bug Fix Section Enrollment Date for Restore Points

General Bug Fixes / Improvements

  • Fix Default Email Sender when Sender has no configured email address
  • Miscellaneous API improvements for Engage, Mobile, One Roster and Zapier Integration
  • Ability to Sort Homework by Subject
  • Bug fix when selecting Semester for Rotating Attendance
  • Bug fix submission status checker for Online Forms (OFPC)
  • Bug fix Lunch Roster Report when orders are Charged but NOT Fulfilled

Beta Improvements

  • Attendance Dashboard support for Section Attendance
  • Improve Performance when importing data via SFTP
  • Improve Installation / Setup for new (Chronos) Transcripts
  • Improved Server Logging

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