New Release – May 9, 2023

We had a release earlier this week, containing improvements to the Lunch Ordering / Shopping Cart as well as other areas of our Student Information System:

Lunch Roster PDF Reports

Here is a list of the latest QuickSchools improvements:

Lunch Ordering / Shopping Cart

  • Lunch Roster PDF Reports (See above)
  • Disallow cancellation of Fulfilled orders

General Bug Fixes / Improvements

  • General Improvements to Text Messaging
  • Improve reporting on IEP App (See below)
  • Improve how fees are collected in Admissions
  • Bug fix Standards Based Gradebook (SBG) when using duplicate Standard IDs
  • Miscellaneous API improvements for Mobile and Zapier Integration

Beta Improvements

  • Support for Nickname in Section Attendance Roster
  • Miscellaneous improvements to the Transcripts Framework

IEP App Reporting

The IEP App on our App Store is quite popular among our schools, and so we’ve received quite a few requests for improvements, in particular around reporting. We’re happy to report that we’re introducing 2 new reports in the IEP App:

Learn about IEP App Reporting at QuickSchools

Depending on the report, when downloading to Excel, you’ll be prompted with different filtering options. Here are the current filter options for a listing of “IEP Students”:

guide to learning about QuickSchools IEP App Reporting

And here are the filter options for the “IEP Posting” Report:

How to set up IEP App Reporting with QuickSchools

Please note that the IEP App (along with many of our other apps in the App Store) are independently developed using our App Developer Console. Both the data and the source code are kept separate from the core QuickSchools code base.

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