Setting up Programs for Vocational Schools

QuickSchools has been supporting Trade Schools and Vocational schools for many years now, primarily due to the flexibility afforded by our platform. In this article, we’d like to elaborate specifically on setting up your Programs.

Class Setup

When “College-Level Settings” is turned on, you’ll see a new module called “Class Setup”, which displays all the grade levels (relabelled as “year levels” or “classes”):

Depending on your institution, you can repurpose this module to display the program or year levels. For example, you can set up classes as Programs:

For vocational schools, your programs may look like this:

Another example, is setting up classes as Year Levels:

Or you can use a combination:

Once you’ve set up an appropriate class list for your school, you can then apply the class as a “Year Level” to the student:

It’s important to note that when setting up actually courses (or subjects), courses need to be linked to a year level:

We’ll be recommending additional ways of configuring your classes in upcoming articles.

College-Level Settings

To turn on “College-Level Settings”, go to the “Turn Features On/Off” page (under “Settings”), and click on “Edit Overall Settings”:

Then find the section labelled “College-level settings”, and check the “Turn on college-level settings” box:

This setting will relabel certain fields like “subject” to “course” and “grade level” to “year level”. If you’d like any of these words to be relabelled to something else more fitting to your institution, please contact our support team to make this change.

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