Re-Labelling Phrases

As a SaaS provider, we try to standardize all the nomenclature within the QuickSchools product. However, that sometimes creates the perspective that our software is too rigid, and intended for a specific audience or market. To improve the flexibility of our product, we’ve allowed certain fields/phrases to be relabeled.

For example, when you turn on “College Level Settings”, the following terms are relabelled as follows:

  • Grade Level: Relabelled as “Year Level
  • Homeroom: Relabelled as “Advisor
  • Homeroom Teacher: Also relabelled as “Advisor
  • Subject: Relabelled as “Course

In the recent Sprint E17 release, we’ve added 2 more fields that can be relabelled. If you’d like to relabel these fields in your QuickSchools account, just contact our support team:

  • Discipline: Frequently relabelled to “Incidents”
  • Summary (from the Lesson Plans module): Frequently relabelled to “Objective

Here’s an example screen after the “Discipline” module has been relabelled to “Incidents”:

“Discipline” relabelled to “Incidents”

Here are some other fields that can be relabelled:

  • Semester: Can relabelled to “Term” or “Trimester” or “Period
  • Present
  • Absent
  • Tardy: Can be relabelled as “Late
  • Tardy w/ Excuse
  • Absent w/ Excuse
  • Schedule: Can be relabelled as “Time Table
  • Enrollment Date
  • Parents/Siblings: Can be relabelled to “Contacts

We definitely want to limit the number of fields that can be relabelled, so that the software itself is easier to maintain. But we understand that relabelling is often needed to address different markets and industries. If there is a specific field that you think warrants relabelling, please let us know as well.

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