Archiving Grading Scale (D12)

For schools that are changing their Gradebook grading scales from year to year, be sure to properly archive the old grading scale in your QuickSchools account, before creating a new one. Subjects are always linked to a specific grading scale, and if you attempt to change an active grading scale without properly archiving it first, you might end up changing the grading scale for previous subjects.

This new capability was released with Sprint D12. When accessing a Grading Scale from the “Grading Setup” screen, you’ll notice a new link called “Archive Grading Scale”.

Edit Gradebook Grading Scale
Edit Gradebook Grading Scale

When viewing the Grading Scale, there is now a new Advanced Search, that allows you to view archived Grading Scales as well:

Gradebook Grading Scale Advanced Search
Gradebook Grading Scale Advanced Search

Of course, if you accidentally archive a Grading Scale, you can always reinstate it. Be sure to select a new Default Grading Scale, if the Grading Scale you’re archiving is the Default Grading Scale.

Please feel free to chat in if you need help updating your grading scale, or if you have any suggestions / comments for improvement.

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