March 2015 Improvements

Happy March Break from us at QuickSchools! We have some exciting new features to share with you guys. Please feel free to check them out in your account:

Search Family Billing by Student and Grade Level

If you have Family Billing turned on, you can now search by student and by grade level. No need to remember the name of the primary payer.

New Fee Tracking Alerts

We have new alerts related to the Fee Tracking module. Teachers and Parents can be alerted when a charge is being made, when a payment is received, or when a statement is generated.

QuickSchools Fee Tracking Alerts
QuickSchools Fee Tracking Alerts

Report Creator comes standard with the Athena Plan

Finally, we’ve decided to include the Report Creator as a standard feature on the Athena Plan. Schools on our Apollo Plan and Gaia Plan can of course add the Report Creator app from the App Store.

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