I Have A Question: Overcoming Challenges

Let’s say you just signed up for a trial and have been going through QuickSchools, looking at various features and trying out little things here and there. You’re excited to see our App Store and find the Montessori Assessments app. Being a Montessori educator and realizing the potential for this app to help out with your unique needs, you quickly install the app and get to work exploring it. Soon, though, you come to a brick wall of sorts: you have no idea how to start configuring it!

Maybe you’ve been using QuickSchools for a while and it’s time to send out third-quarter Progress Reports at your school. This term, your school has decided for the first time to use a multi-term Report Card and you’re psyched to see how it’s going to work. You log into your account, head over to Report Cards, open up a student’s Progress Report and… Oh no! What’s happened? All the data is arranged wrong!

Or even, let’s say that you need to log into your QuickSchools account to enter grades. It’s been a busy semester and you’re a little bit behind on entering grades so you decide to work on it over the weekend. Sitting down mid-morning on Saturday, you fix yourself some coffee, boot up your laptop, open up your Internet browser and realize with a sharp pang of annoyance that you’ve forgotten your school’s login URL.

While any one of these scenarios and more may be incredibly frustrating and even induce that oft-familiar feeling of panic that can come with mistakes or confusion, there’s actually a lot that you can do with QuickSchools to go about fixing the problem. Here’s a list of resources in case you need help:

Live Chat
Some of you may recognize me from Live Chat (hey everybody!) and as a Chat Agent, I cannot stress enough how each and every question is something we want to address. There’s no question we receive that’s too obvious and there’s no question we receive that’s too complex: if you’re not sure of something, we want to know about it and help you answer it. As I tell people all the time, we’re here to help make moving through QuickSchools as enjoyable as possible. So if you chat in and let us know you have an issue, that makes our job easier as it gives us the opportunity to help you and make the experience better overall. That’s all to say that, across the board and unequivocally, if you’ve got a question we want to help answer it.

Just in case you haven’t noticed, right now you’re at the QuickSchools blog. And at over 350 posts and constantly rising, our blog covers a wide range of topics. We have a collection of Report Card templates, a series of tutorials, and like to use this as a platform for announcing our newest updates. What does this mean for you as a user of QuickSchools? Well, if you’re looking for an in-depth explanation of something that you can read at your own pace and study as many times as you’d like, and don’t want to chat in for whatever reason, then this is a great place to go. You can head here, search something in our Search box, and instantly get all the written blog content we have on the topic. Explore!

Online Help Manual
This is a great place to go if you need a detailed explanation of more standard usage questions from logging in to Fee Tracking. Our Online Help Manual is just that: a manual, so if you’re looking to read a how-to this would be the place to go. The difference between the Online Help Manual and the blog is fairly simple: the Online Help Manual covers basic usage across the board, while the blog goes in-depth on more atypical questions (such as, “How can I track the career employment of my adult education students?”).

Other Ways of Contacting Us
Finally, if you’d like to contact us for help outside of Live Chat, here’s what you can do:

  • Email us your questions, comments, and concerns at support@quickschools.com
  • Send us a filled-out Contact Us form
  • Contact us through Facebook
  • You can also schedule a one-hour teacher or admin training with us for a fee
  • Call us (available for Athena users only, sorry)


If you’re like I am and greatly enjoy keeping lists of things, I’d definitely recommend saving this info and having it handy.

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