QuickSchools Integration with Schoology

For those who haven’t noticed, we now have a Schoology Integration App that’s available on our QuickSchools App Store, which allows schools to synchronize their gradebooks from Schoology with the gradebooks in QuickSchools. With this integration, schools can create more dynamic Report Cards within QuickSchools, and share grades more readily with parents via the Parent Portal.

More information about the Integration is located here:


One thing to note about the Schoology Integration App: We utilize the Schoology API to connect the two systems together. The Schoology API only supports integration with the Enterprise Edition of Schoology. So the Schoology Integration App will not work with the free/teacher version of Schoology.

Schoology is what we’d call a Learning Management System (LMS), which is different from a School Management System, since it specializes in delivery of lessons and content to students. Also under development is an app to integrate QuickSchools with another LMS called Haiku Learning. Do let us know of any other LMSs that you’d like QuickSchools to integrate with.

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