The Dragon Academy Report Card Template

As part of our initiative to share the awesome customreport cards at QuickSchools, today we’re sharing a private template. If it looks good to you, feel free to chat in – we’d love to enable it and help you set it up just the way you’d like!

The Dragon Academy in Toronto, Ontario has a strong sense of mission to encourage students to grow in both academic and self-knowledge. As part of this, their report card is structured to give holistic grading that shows Marks alongside Independent Work, Collaboration,  Organization, Responsibility, Initiative, and  Self-Regulation grades. It’s a cool report card that gives great information from all different angles

Let’s take a look at a sample of a Dragon Academy Report Card.

The Dragon Academy Report Card helps schools with holistic grading
The Dragon Academy Report Card helps schools with holistic grading

This new template is a great adaption of the Green Einstein template by Dragon Academy and Azroy. It looks fantastic!

This four-quarter report lists the holistic grading categories with each term. As a result, it would make just a great quarterly or yearly report, as well as a fantastic monthly progress report that shows behavior and grades for each week. The template also has plenty of space for comments. In addition to these features, the Dragon Academy Report Card supports…

  • Custom School Names / Title Text
  • Enabled Student Address
  • Detailed Attendance Section
  • Additional Customizable Student Information Display
  • Grading Scale
  • Parent & Principal Signature

If your school likes to give feedback on behavior and life skills alongside academic scores, this template might be a great fit. If it looks interesting, feel free to chat in and let us know. We’d love to enable the template for you, and help you get it all set up, just the way you like.


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