The Twin Verticals Template

As discussed in our previous posts about our Report Cards initiative, today we’re sharing one of our awesome public templates. If you like the way it looks, feel free to chat in anytime and we can help set it up just the way you like!


The Twin Verticals template is available by default in all schools, and it’s a great template for schools, colleges, and universities that wish to report two grading cycles together. The setup is designed for semester-based grading, but it also works great in quarterly grading systems for mid-term grades. Check out the sample below to see!

Not only is this template is a bit different from our others, because it shows just two grading cycles, it also has tons of great information and calculations that upper-level schools often wish to report. There’s plenty of space for marks, grades, term averages, GPA & yearly averages, a detailed attendance box, and even a space to note if a student has been promoted to the next grade or retained. Along with all these features, the template also supports….

  • Default & Custom Grading Scales
  • Customize Default Subject Information Display
  • Term & Yearly GPA and Averages
  • GPA for Final Grades
  • Customized Display of Subject & Total Credit Hours
  • Principal Comments Section
  • Teacher, Principal, & Parent  Signature Section

If this detailed template looks like it might be helpful for your school’s report cards, please feel free to chat in any time and let us know! We’d be thrilled to help you get your Report Card template all set up.


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