Upcoming Release: Fee Tracking

We’re very excited to announce some upcoming improvements to the Fee Tracking module in QuickSchools. We’re just finalizing the new module, which should be made available in the upcoming weeks. New features include:

  • Ability to generate separate Invoices and Statements
  • Invoices are simply a list of charges that are done at the same time (i.e. grouped together)
  • When generating statements, you can select you own start and end dates (which can overlap with previous statements)
  • Statements can include invoices as well as independent charges
  • We will be supporting multiple payers (one primary payer plus additional secondary payers)
  • Payers can view transactions by statement and invoice
  • Statements can be mass generated and emailed automatically to the payer
  • All existing “Invoices” will appear as Statements.

We’ll be sure to post more details, along with screen shots and tips / guidelines for using the new Fee Tracking module once it’s released. As always, we appreciate all your feedback.

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