Post Board – Online Bulletin Board

There’s a new App in town, and it’s called “Post Board”. This is yet another simple app in our App Store that will allow parents, teachers and even students to post online announcements via their respective QuickSchools portals.

Post Board - Online Bulletin Board
Post Board – Online Bulletin Board

Bulletin Boards are very useful for announcing things like upcoming events (like club meetings or concerts), ride shares, and selling used textbooks. Just set a title, description as well as a start and end date for your announcement and your announcement will appear or the duration that it’s valid.

Add/Edit Post Board Announcement
Add/Edit Post Board Announcement

This is of course a first version of the new Post Board app, with very basic features. If you have suggestions for improvement, please be sure to rate the app, and add a comment in your rating. The developers will have access to all your comments via your rating submissions.

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