Student Custom Fields

We recently introduced our updated Custom Fields framework for Teachers, as well as for the Admissions Module. In line with this improvement, we’ve rolled out the same framework to the Student record. All existing custom fields have been ported over as plain text fields. And you can now very easily change the fields types, as well as sort fields. Here’s how the new Custom Fields tab should look like on the student record:

Student Custom Fields
Student Custom Fields

The functions available after clicking on “Configure Form” should be pretty straight forward. But for more information, you can check out our original post on the New Module-Based Custom Fields. Just to recap, here’s a summary of available functions:

  • We now support Drop Downs (in addition to regular Text Fields)
  • You can sort fields
  • You can add headers and regular text to organize your custom fields
  • You can allow specific users to view and/or edit specific fields
  • You can very easily delete and restore fields as well

If you’d like to see the new Custom Fields in another area of the software, please let us know. We’re collecting feedback for our next round of improvements.


UPDATE Feb 11, 2014:

Student Custom Fields are now searchable, and can be viewed on the main Students listing. Read about it here:


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