Guest post: Vote Franklin Burns for QuickSchools Teacher of the Year 2012!

What a beautiful account shared by Mona Gayle Timko about working with Franklin Burns. QuickSchools is a fully-online school management system

My name is Mona Timko and I’m 77 years old.  I have been in the teaching field for over fifty years and I have had the pleasure of working with Franklin when he started the school.  I have been depressed since retiring from the Cyfair school district and I could not make myself happy.  I wanted to be wanted again.  I missed the fame of being an extremely important teacher in my former school district.  I was talking to a lady and she knew that Frank needed some help in starting a school.  She placed me in contact and I called him immediately.  Frank was very open in me coming to the school and creating a role for me.  We spoke for an hour and then we had a productive meeting at Luby’s.  When I came into the school I was surprised by how the school was being run and the behaviors of the students.  The students all loved Frank because his demeanor.  His teaching showed that as well that he cared for his students.  I enjoyed my first day so much that I came back the next day and had another productive observation and meeting.  I’m a woman that does not hold back words and explain to Frank his next step in growing the school.  He was very open to my suggestions and he was able to implement my ideas into the school.  Frank was having trouble with his staff because his methods are so different it takes a special person to implement his methods completely.  After two months, Frank hired me to be the staff’s trainers.  I was able to feel important again and my depression was slowly subsiding.  I was able to train the staff and the parents of the school.  Franklin and I were able to create a nice bond together.  I wasn’t able to complete my job because of a bad back and my husband’s heart surgery.  I’m very proud of the job that Franklin has done over the past sixteen months.  I truly believe he deserves this award of teacher of the year.

With Love and Kisses,

Mona Gayle Timko

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