Guest post for Chris Johnson – QuickSchools Teacher of the Year 2012 nominee

This is a guest post from a past student at Cornerstone Christian Academy in support of Mr Chris Johnson’s nomination for the QuickSchools Teacher of the Year award.

I don’t even know the extent to which Mr. J. has influenced my life. There’s no way to see what my life would look like if he hadn’t been a part of it, but I know it would be extremely different. Not only was he my coach and my teacher for five subjects, but he was also the cornerstone for my conservative world-view. If it wasn’t for him, maybe I would even think that socialism is good and that guns are evil (instead of people).

He constantly took history classes and applied them to current political situations. That made the material relevant instead of just ancient. Bible classes and Chapel were not just about him teaching us the Bible. Once when the class was divided on a current topic, he had us search the Bible and write what God had to say about it. In two other Bible classes, he told us to write down characteristics that we wanted in a future spouse, and to analyze where we were with God. Those were two very practical assignments that I still remember four years later.

Mr. J. occasionally remarked that his days could not go right if he didn’t start them out alone in his big, comfy chair with God. His strength to wear so many hats, and to keep Cornerstone going couldn’t come from anyone but God. One Chapel class was so pointed that it convicted me to take actions that have changed the course of my life. I’d say that’s proof of the Holy Spirit working in his life.

I really appreciate how he has always been willing to answer my many questions about course work, life, politics, God, etc. His willingness to write recommendations, and even give me advice on a college paper once, is proof that he cares about his students before and after graduation.
Thanks for everything Mr. J!

Lisa G., former student at CCA

PS: I was always touched by the meaningful, encouraging comments he wrote in my yearbooks.

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