Combining Classes / Grades

Combined classes are a normal occurrence for smaller schools, due to the small number of students in each grade. So for example, instead of having separate classes for 7th Grade English and 8th Grade English, you might have a combined English class for 7th and 8th grade. So how would you handle that in QuickSchools?

Basically, it comes down to enrolment. QuickSchools uses the subject enrolment information to display students in the various modules, like the Gradebook, the Report Cards, the Transcripts, and even Subject-Based Attendance. However, each subject can only be linked to a single grade level. So in the example above, we would pick either the 7th grade or the 8th grade as the base/reference for the class. In the example below, we’ve created a 7th Grade English class called “English 7-8”:

Subject Enrollment Screen

Using the “Enroll student from another grade” section, you can then enroll the 8th grade students (or students from any other grade) into the subjects listed. And then use the checkboxes to further refine which students are enrolled into which subjects that you are teaching.

Once the subject enrolment is set up properly, the other connected modules will be updated accordingly. Here are some example screens, based on the example we discussed:

Gradebook for a Combine Class

The Gradebook for a Combined Class

The Report Cards "Subject-Based" screen

The Report Cards for a Combined Class

The Subject-Based Attendance Screen

Subject-Based Attendance for a Combined Class

As always, if you have any questions or suggestions, come chat with us on Live Chat, or leave us a comment. Here a short video tutorial on Subject Enrollment:

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