Importing Students/Teachers from Excel

When getting started with QuickSchools, you have the option of importing student and teacher information via Excel. We currently do not support importing of historical information, like grades, attendance and report cards. Here are some videos that describe how to create/import student records:

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If you already have your data in Excel format, you can already import your data by mapping the columns in your Excel file with fields in the database. However, if you want to save time with the mappings, you can rename the column headers, or use one of our sample files below:

One thing to note:

If you notice extra fields in the mapping dropdown, which you do not see on screen (like “EPF”, and “SOCSO”), most of these are actually deprecated (i.e. old) fields which we no longer support. These fields currently still exists in the database, but they will be removed in a future release. Other fields like “Race” and “Religion” are hidden fields, which we can activate if needed. For the complete list of active/valid fields for import, please refer to the sample files above.

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