Select a template for your school’s report card soon

As we announced last month, the new report cards module is out and since then we’ve been building a bank of templates for you. There are of course various styles and formats to suit the diverse requirements i.e. from pre school right up to college level. We want to start showcasing these templates to give you an idea of what’s available to help you select the right template(s) for your school.

In this post, we’ll go over the 2 distinct template styles e.g.

  • The classic style template which supports marks, grade, effort, comments template.
  • The high school/college style templates with support for credits and GPA values.

The single term template e.g. Classic White

QuickSchools Report Cards template - Classic White

The Classic White template is a single term template that supports the following fields:

  • Marks column (can be automatically filled out from the Gradebook)
  • Letter-grades (also from the gradebook)
  • Effort column (can be filled out via the Report cards module)
  • Comments section
  • This template can also support multiple criteria per subject

Variation of Classic White can be found in the other templates e.g.

  • Adding sections for homeroom teacher and principal comments – see Hot Safari
  • Adding a general section which is not subject related e.g. behavior – see Night Sky III

The college style template

The second style we’d like to highlight is the college style template. This is more typically used by high schools and colleges. The “Classy Clay” example template shown below is perfect if you’d like to show grades for 2 semesters. The template will calculate the GPA automatically and also has areas for attendance and comments.

QuickSchools report card template - Classy Clay

Variations of the college style templates are available in the following:

  • Elegant Blue (GPA, credits, cumulative GPA & credits and also the grades achieved for the term)
  • Contemporary Quarters (supports 4 quarters display)

There are of course more templates available in your QuickSchools accounts. Feel free to check them out and let’s get you up and running on a nice template when school reopens.

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