Part 2: The Journey, The Adventure

It’s time for pictures! We met so many great people along the way, and made some good friends too.

It was an amazing experience to see how teachers and administrators from smaller schools reacted towards They saw a great fit for their schools and most of them signed up on the spot.

Our 2 month conference trip in pictures:

Here’s Carmen Diaz signing up for a QuickSchools account.

Our friends from Mansion Day School having a go on the touchscreen display.

Mark McClelland of Lima Christian School, he signed up on the spot!

Pastor Scott, from FLCS, blown away by our new look and feel 😀

Sister Asma from Hamza Academy.
Amazed and convinced, she decided to signup on the spot.

Sue from McGuffie Foundation School giving it a go.

3 minutes later… Sue’s inviting her teachers to try QuickSchools too 🙂

I think the pictures say enough. This conference run proved to us that there are many schools out there that are constantly looking for a solution that fits what they need. And when they meet us, they like what they see.

Going forward from the conferences, the holiday season is upon us, so the QuickSchools team is going to focus on all the great feedback we received during this term and put together some colorful New Year’s presents for you. 😉

Happy holidaying folks!

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