QuickSchools Teacher of the Year award details

Updated April 27th, 2012

We’re excited to announce the launch of the inaugural QuickSchools Teacher of the Year award. We’ve designed this ‘contest’ so that it can be fun and open for everyone to join in easily. We hope this will be as much fun for you as it is for us.

To get things going, we’ve made the nomination process very easy. Just enter your nomination by filling out the form below. Nominations close at 11.59 pm PST on April 15, 2012.

After we’ve received all the nominations, we’ll share each awesome teacher’s profile and invite you to campaign and vote for your favorite candidate. You are welcome to share stories and experiences about your candidate, so that others can appreciate your candidate better. Everyone will have 4 ways of voting:

1 – Leave a comment on the teacher’s profile page for 6 votes
2 – Tweet the teacher’s profile page for 4 votes
3 – Share/Like the teacher’s profile (via Facebook) for 4 votes
4 – Put together and share a video or article for 20 votes

50% of the evaluation will be based on the votes. So, make sure you get everyone at the school, parents and friends to vote for your favorite teacher!

The campaign period and voting closes on May 18th and the winner of the award will be announced on May 25th on our blog.

From everyone here at QuickSchools, enjoy! =)

p/s. Did we say the winner of the award will also get an iPad3?


The nomination phase has just ended, so we’ve taken off the nomination form to avoid confusion. 🙂

Search for your candidate on our blog and vote!

Appreciating our teachers

*Updated on April 10, 2012. Here’s a shortcut to the nomination form. Nominations close on April 15, 2012 so hurry and make sure your favorite teacher gets a shot at the iPad3 that comes along with the award… 🙂

I was on the Live Chat the other night and helped a teacher with her gradebook question. It amazes me every time I see so many teachers who are logged in to QuickSchools, updating their gradebooks, fixing up report cards and whatnot late into the night and during the weekends. I said to the teacher that since we started QuickSchools, I have developed a whole new level of appreciation for my own teachers as I went through school. I wonder what went through their minds when they had to deal with all the mischief from yours truly. I did get a good caning once though but I am digressing way off course there… 🙂

I think people in general do have a sense of respect for teachers. That said, I personally think society in general underestimate how tough being a teacher really is. And since we at QuickSchools get to see this every day, we think people should know that teaching is certainly hard work!

And on that note, I am thrilled that we’re going to get the QuickSchools Teacher of the Year award off the ground this year.

The QuickSchools Teacher of the Year award is an award that although goes to one person eventually, is also meant to celebrate the teaching community in general.  For a start, we want to bring out the wonderful stories of the teachers within our growing QuickSchools community. Stories that often go unnoticed in our classrooms and schools. It’s an award that we hope will help shed light to the great work that teachers do. And if this can inspire more teachers to become better teachers and great leaders or get more people interested in teaching, that’ll be a nice bonus!

We look forward to receiving your nominations. Let’s celebrate our teachers.

For more info on the nitty gritty of the QuickSchools Teacher of the Year award check out this post.

Thanks for reading!


p/s – I should mention that the award does come with a cool iPad3. =)