The Carden Arbor View School Report Cards

One of our new schools, the Carden Arbor View School in Upland, California requested a custom private template that was very detailed and succinct. It is setup for trimesters, shows attendance, has subjects separated into columns, and commented listed below. In addition, there’s space for special academic designation, such as Headmaster’s List or Honor Roll, special custom grading scales, and it all fits on one page.

Here’s a sample of how this fabulous report card template looks  –

Carden Arbor View School Report Card Template

What an awesome report card ! Kudos to CAVS for their fantastic design and dedication to all the details of the report card, and to Rick, our chat support agent who built the report card for QuickSchools.

The CAVS template comes equipped all sorts of different useful fields that can be switched on, edited and customized. These include….Read More »

The Brunswick Academy Report Cards

As mentioned in one of our previous posts on the new Report Cards initiative, today we are sharing one of the custom-built private templates. If you like the way it looks, feel free to let chat in anytime and we can enable it in your account and help set it up just the way you like.

This Report Card template is used by Brunswick Academy, one of our amazing schools, which is located in Lawrenceville, VA, USA. The template was built by Regie, one of our awesome chat support agents.

Brunswick has a really cool semester setup, with six cycles, each cycle is a six-week marking period. In the high school, the first three cycles and a final exam correspond to Semester 1, while the second three cycles and their final exam correspond to Semester 2. Semesters are averaged into a final grade, and credit earned is shown on the Report Card. Also, attendance is combined so that “Absent” and “Tardy” include excused and unexcused absences and tardies together. As a result, it’s a very detailed and informative report card.

Here’s a look at a sample of the report card, configured for the High School-

Thanks Brunswick, for the design for a fantastic report card, and great work, Regie, for building it for QuickSchools!

For schools with six marking periods, exams, and semesters, this might be a good report card template for you. In addition to the term setup and the combined attendance, this report card supports several other sections including…Read More »

The Report Card Checklist

The other day, one of our awesome new schools requested a checklist for how to set up report cards. The checklist is such a fantastic idea that we decided to share a step-by-step guide with everyone. So, whether it’s your first time setting up Report Cards, or your umpteenth time, here’s the how-to (with nifty pictures, of course!)

1 – Go to “Report Cards”

2 – Click on “Setup Report Cards”

3 – Click “Create New”

4 – Give your Report Cards a descriptive nameRead More »

FAQ: To Delete or Not To Delete

Recently, we have been helping out with several questions related to deleted data. So if you’re clearing out records or thinking about deleting data here are some of the best times to delete or not to delete –

Mistake – Delete

You made a mistake. No worries – it happens! 🙂 Maybe a batch of student records are imported with the wrong names, a duplicate report card session is created, or a subject is made for the wrong grade- these are all great moments for the “Delete” button.

Student Left School – Don’t Delete

If your student transfers or moves away or even simply goes on leave, rather than deleting the student’s records, you can just mark the student as left. Go to the student’s record → “Actions” → Set Leave Date. And if the student is also no longer taking any classes, you just can unenroll them.

Once you note the student as left, their record will disappear from view and be removed from your billing at the next monthly cycle. However, you will still have access the records, including their transcript, and if they return, you can restore their record to your Students module.

Semester is Over – Don’t Delete

At the end of semester, it’s best not to delete any data – just go to New Semester Setup and make a new semester. This will automatically archive your previous semester’s data.

If you make a new Semester, your previous semester’s data will still be accessible in Report Cards and Transcripts and you will be able to activate the previous semester to see all of the information.

Report Cards – Don’t Delete

We totally understand how important it is that Report Cards are exactly correct, but even if you think you made a mistake in the report cards or no long need a certain batch of them, it’s best not to delete a Reporting Session (a group of report cards). Teachers may have entered grades or comments onto the report cards, and if the Reporting Session is deleted, their work on the report cards will be deleted too!

So instead of deleting, try making a second version of report card, and letting everyone know which one is the correct one to use (maybe via Teacher’s Lounge? 🙂 ) One tip to consider is using a nifty naming convention to show which version is the most recent and the right one to use.

Especially with report cards, it’s always better to be safe and keep your data, rather than delete it!

An Important Note on Data Recovery

While we do frequent backups and often can recover lost data, we can’t guarantee deleted data will be restored. But if you do run into an issue with accidentally deleting things, please let us know. We’ll hunt high and low to recover anything that might have been lost, but we can’t be certain that deleted data will still be around. Most of the time, deleted data recovery is successful, but it’s always better to be safe by archiving old data, rather than deleting it. In general, a good rule of thumb is “Delete if it didn’t happen” – deleting is for errors that weren’t ever accurate in reflecting what was actually happening at school.

Hope this helps answer a few questions you might have about when to delete things and, more importantly, when not to delete! If you have any questions or if there’s anything we can do to help, please feel free to chat in.

New Report – Current Student Progress

The QuickSchools folks are at it again! This time, we have created a brand new report that helps you see how all your students are doing in all their classes – all in one grand table! A number of schools have requested a student marksheet to show current final grades for students, without having to make report cards and then lock them (which sends the report cards to parents). So we put our heads together and wrote a brand new report that compiles the students’ grades by subject to allow you to see their current final grades. Here’s how you can find it…

1 – Go to the Reports Module

Reports menu
Reports menu

2- Search “progress” in the search bar

3- Click “View” to see the report

….and there you have it!

Of course, like all the QuickSchools reports, there are many ways you can use the new report. Here are a few ideas-

  • Search by Student – to see just the results for only one student. Great for middle of the year parent-teacher conferences or progress reports

  • Search by Teacher – this lets you see the grades for one teacher’s classes, if you are concerned if that teacher needs either a helping hand or a spotlight for their great work

  • Search by Subject – if you have several different classes of the same subject, this report lets you see how the students in the different classes are doing.

Hope this helps streamline the process of figuring out how your students are doing – without having to draw up report cards. This report lets you see students individually, if you search for details in the student’s name or classes, as well as globally, if you let the report run free of search terms. It’s a great way to draw up a marksheet and get a better sense of how your students are progressing.

If you have any questions about how to use this report, or how to use any other Quickschools report, or if you need a custom report to help with a specific question, please let us know. We’d love to help, and who knows, maybe your custom report will be just the thing that everyone needs! Feel free to chat in anytime.

Update! – Dec 4th, 2013

The new “Current Student Progress” Report has been a hit! In response to requests for additional ways to display the data, we’ve added three more sub-reports. Feel free to check them out!

As to a bit more information on how these new reports work…

  • Current Student Progress – Alternate. Marks & Grades – this sub report shows one row for each student, with their marks and grades as columns
  • Current Student Progress – Alternate. Marks Only – like the other alternate report, students are in rows and classes are in columns, but this one only shows marks (no letter grades)
  • Current Student Progress – Grouped by Course & Grade Level – this subreport is great if you want to see the average grade in a specific course, or for all the students in a specific grade level

Hope you enjoy the improvements! As always, we are thrilled to receive comments and feedback. Feel free to chat in if you have any questions or need any help!

Making a Behavior Grading System

As we head back into Report Card season, we’ve received quite a few requests for help setting up a Behavior/Work Habits/Social Growth grading system. In case you’re wondering the same thing, here are two ideas that we like to recommend when this question comes up.

Idea 1: The No-Credit Behavior Class

This is a nice way to setup a behavior grading system so that appears like a regular class in the student’s record and a teacher’s subject-based grading menu. It’s very convenient, and quite intuitive if you think of behavior/work/social skills as being like a subject for students. That said, it does have some drawbacks in that you need to hide the subject in each student’s transcript so that everything looks neat and tidy. If you’d like, you can set up a No-Credit Behavior class like this…

1. Go to Subjects and make a different Behavior subject for each grade.

Make sure to set the credit hours to 0  – so that it’s really “no credit”! 🙂

2. Enroll students

3. Set up a Subject-Specific Grading Template for the Class.

For this, first go to Setup Report cards, and scroll all the way to the bottom and click “Turn it on” for Subject Specific Grading Criteria. Then, click the new fourth tab in your Report Cards module.

Then, we can create a subject-specific criteria template. First click “Add Template”, then fill in your grading criteria

4. Assign the Template to the Class

Click the subject’s “Assigned Template” line to get a dropdown menu of possible choicesRead More »