Security of your credit card information

Since schools pay for the monthly subscription fee with a credit card, a natural question would be how safe it is to enter the credit-card number online.

Paying for goods and services online is very common these days, to the tune of more than USD130 billion in the US 2006. The technology for doing this safely and securely is very well defined. uses RBS WorldPay as our credit card payment processor. They are part of The Royal Bank of Scotland Group, the fifth biggest banking group in the world. When you enter your credit card details, you are actually entering those details with WorldPay. And WorldPay has worked hard over the years to build the most secure system that they possibly can. doesn’t store your credit card information, and we can’t even see the full credit-card number. You’ll notice this when you enter your credit card information online. You’ll see that the browser bar will display the WorldPay address, which means you are entering your credit card securely with WorldPay.