Ugly bug.. yucks! :(

Bugs and software go together like butter on toast. There’s just no escape.

We recently encountered a cosmetically ugly bug that got introduced when Adobe upgraded their Flash software. What happens is that text in certain parts of QuickSchools now appears vertically.

We have researched this issue and have contacted Adobe to get it sorted out. Needless to say, this bug has caused a lot of irritation to many Flash users, including users of QuickSchools.

There are a few areas affected by this bug, but most notable is the Homework module, especially if you’re a parent. If you regularly update your browsers, you may have seen this bug rearing it’s ugly head.

For some schools that use the homework module extensively, we’ve put together a temporary workaround to help parents print out homework assignments for their child. We can enable a “Reports” tab for parents to access homework assignments, instead of the previously used “Homework” tab. Parents can then print the homework assignments directly from the browser, or even export it to excel.

We have since rid this bug with a temporary patch but just in case it comes out again (you’ll just never know in software!), contact us so we can turn on the Reports tab for the parents again.

This particular bug is a little annoying to say the least but rest assured, we’ll continue working with Adobe on this, and it will be exterminated! For more information on this bug, check out this link.