Hide Subject Gradebooks

We have a new QuickSchools feature that allows administrators to hide specific subject gradebooks from the student record and PDF (and hence from the Parent/Student Portal). This is a great way for keeping entire gradebooks confidential, or if you have subjects that simply do not have any grades (like Homeroom).

This feature is only enabled on demand, so please contact our technical support personnel for access to this feature. Once enabled, you will have access to the “Subject” > “Manage Subject Visibility” menu where you can indicate which subjects to hide from the student record:

Manage Subject Visibility
Manage Subject Visibility

Clicking on a check box automatically saves your configuration. You can test it out by opening the student record, and seeing if the subject appears on the Gradebook tab, or on the Gradebook PDF.

Let us know what you think. Thanks!

Importing / Exporting Gradebook Data

We’re happy to announce that we now have the ability to directly import data to your QuickSchools Gradebook via Excel. This feature is still in beta, so please feel free to request for it via email, and we can turn it on for you.

Once the import functionality is enabled, an “Import” button will appear directly on your Gradebook:

Importing Gradebook Data from Excel
Importing Gradebook Data from Excel

When you click on “Import” you will be prompted to select an Excel file from your machine, after which you will be asked to map columns from the Excel file with fields in the QuickSchools Database. The process works very similar to importing students and teachers from Excel:Read More »

Alerts / Notifications (Private Beta)

Some good news! QuickSchools has released an early beta version of our Alert Notifications module. We currently support only the following events, but once an alert is enabled, users can decide how to receive alerts. Current list of events:

  • Attendance: Parents can receive notifications when attendance is taken for their students.
  • Discipline: Administrators can receive notification when a new disciplinary incident is created.
  • Homework: Parents can be notified when homework is assigned.
  • Online Payments: Administrators can be notified when an Online Payment is received.

The following section appears at the bottom of the “Settings” > “School Profile” page if you have Alerts enabled on your account:

Enable Alerts for your users in QuickSchools (Private Beta)
Enable Alerts for your users in QuickSchools (Private Beta)

Once an Alert is enabled, users can override any school-wide default preferences, and set their own personal preferences on how to receive notifications. The Preferences are located at the bottom of the “Settings” > “My Profile / Change Password” screen as follows:Read More »