World Cup 2022 Fever: What activities your students can do in the classroom

classroom activities to celebrate the world cup

With the Fifa World Cup being hosted this year in Qatar, soccer aka football has been on a lot of people’s minds. It is one of the most famous men’s soccer tournaments in the world! If you are one of the soccer fans, perhaps you may want to add in the festive celebration for your students to enjoy.

It can be a time to teach your students about the World Cup, get students to find the love of the game, and of course, those that already love it will be excited to be a part of it! You may even score ‘Best Teacher’ for it!

There are many different subjects that can be taught with the FIFA World Cup theme, ranging from history, geography, art, science, English, and, don’t forget, physical education. Let’s take a look at some of the interesting activities we found! 

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Top 5 Holiday Classroom Activities for Teachers

One of the biggest holidays of the year is just around the corner. If you are celebrating and school is still in session, here are some fun arts and crafts, classroom activities teachers may like to do with their students this week.

These different activities are designed to also boost creativity and knowledge, as well as be interactive and joyous. Feel free to adjust the theme to make it more suitable for your class.

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ACH Payment – Easy Online Payment for Schools

easy online payment for schools

QuickSchools is always looking for ways to make our student information system easy, robust, and effective not only for school administrators and faculty but also for students and parents alike. We understand that for a school, keeping the accounting books constantly updated and in top shape is extremely important.

Learn how QuickSchools can create easy templates that schools can use for regular invoicing to parents

Whilst tracking fees seems to be a straightforward task to people outside of a school, we know that it’s definitely not. Trying to keep track of various fee structures for different grades, discounted fees for siblings, payment plans, and scholarships, all of these permutations can truly be overwhelming.

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Top 14 Classroom Ideas for Thanksgiving 2022

classroom tips for thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is fast approaching. That one time of the year when teachers all across America can think of fun Thanksgiving activities for their students. It that will definitely put them into the holiday mood! 

Many different Thanksgiving activities can be done during class time. We wanted to share our top classroom activities you can do with your students. From elementary to high school, bringing some fall excitement into your school.

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