Updated QuickSchools Scheduler

The QuickSchools Scheduling Module has been updated, and ported to HTML5. It performs much better than the previous Flash version. This is what it looks like now:

QuickSchools Scheduler
QuickSchools Scheduler

Some features of the Scheduling Module:

  • You can setup multiple master schedules (but only ONE can be activated at a time).
  • You can setup different period structures for different grade levels, via the “Options” button.
  • Periods now support distinct start and end times.
  • You can setup breaks for Lunch or Recess, which will appear greyed out.
  • You can schedule subjects by either clicking on the green “<” icon, or by dragging the orange “S” (for single-period” or “D” (for double-period) icon into an appropriate cell. Unschedule subjects by clicking on the red “>” icon, or by dragging the subject back to the subjects area in the right.
  • Right click on a scheduled subject for additional options, like to Unschedule, Pin/Unpin, or to Edit Note.
  • When assigning a subject to a cell, the system will warn you of conflicts in other grade levels. The system will re-assign the conflicted subject to another cell, if it is not pinned.
  • You can Pin subjects to a cell by right-clicking on the subject, and selecting “Pin” from the dropdown. Pinned subjects are indicated with a green “i” icon.
  • Pinned subjects will not be re-assigned when met with a conflict. Cells with conflicted subjects are indicated with a red asterisk (*).
  • Once a master schedule is activated, you can view/print a schedule by student, teacher or grade level. Personalized schedule will only contain subjects related to the student, teacher or grade level.

As always, check it out, and let us know what you think.

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