Setting up a “Conduct” section in your Report Cards

In this article, we’ll be looking at how to configure your Report Cards in QuickSchools to contain a Conduct section (sometimes called “Behaviour”, “Citizenship” or “Character Development”) typical for elementary / primary school report cards. There are 2 available methods. This article discusses how to enter Conduct criteria directly into the Report Card template.

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  • Configuring a Conduct Section in Report Cards

Setting up the Report Cards in this manner is pretty straight forward. Simply select a Report Card Template that supports Report-Level Criteria, and click on the “Customize RC Criteria” link on the far right. In this example, we’ll be using the “Quarterly Classic” template as an example:

Customize RC Criteria for Quarterly Classic
Customize RC Criteria for Quarterly Classic

Once you click on it, you’ll be taken to the “Edit report card-level criteria” page:

Edit report card-level criteria (for Conduct section)
Edit report card-level criteria (for Conduct section)

Use the available fields to add either a text field, a dropdown, a header, a comment, a likert or a likert header. The new fields should appear in the Conduct Section:Read More »

Custom Report Cards with Admin Columns from Gradebook

We’ve tried hard to make is SUPER EASY for schools to customize their own Report Cards. But sometimes, schools want a little more flexibility in the way grades are reported to parents, especially when it comes to reporting specific grades from the Gradebook into the Report Cards.

To that end, QuickSchools offers an add-on service to build custom templates for you. And with a custom Report Card template, you can make use of the Gradebook Default Columns which provide more structure in the way grades are reports from the Gradebook to the Report Cards.

The “Admin Column” was previously called “Default Column” and was changed to reflect the administrative nature of the feature. Please see release notes in Sprint E15.


At QuickSchools, we regard the Gradebook as the domain of the teacher. Teachers should have full flexibility to set up columns and assessments as they see fit. Teachers can also engage with parents by sharing comments about specific assignments.

The report cards on the other hard, we regard as the domain of the school administration, where grades are formatted and standardized to provide a streamlined report to parents on the progress of students. This process of building report cards can include additional criteria (like comments) which teachers can add directly to the report cards. And by default, only the Final Grade from the Gradebook is transferred to the Report Cards.

Transferring Multiple Gradebook Columns to the Report Cards

So what happens if you have several fields in the report cards that you’d like to be calculated and transferred automatically from the Gradebook? For example, in addition to a final grade, perhaps you’d also like to report an Exam Grade or Participation Grade that is also recorded in the Gradebook (perhaps as a category).

To facilitate this, you can configure Gradebook Default Columns which automatically appear in all teacher Gradebooks. These columns appear in orange, and is controlled by the school administrator:

Screen Shot 2018-04-27 at 9.58.57 AM

Teachers can then fill in the data manually, or use a Gradebook formula to fill in these columns. Once the school administrators are ready to publish the report cards, in addition to locking the report cards, they can also lock the System Columns from the Gradebook. To create a Gradebook Default Column, just go to “Grading Setup” and scroll to the very bottom where it says “Gradebook Default Columns”:

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Bulk Print Report Cards

We have many new exciting improvements in QuickSchools which will be announced very soon. But just for starters, here’s a small improvement on how you can now bulk print your report cards. Instead of bulk downloading all your report cards for a particular marking period (which is still available), there’s now an option to “Print (In Order)”, which will produce a single PDF with all the selected report cards linked together in the order you specify on the screen:

Bulk Print Report Cards (In Order)
Bulk Print Report Cards (In Order)

Now that report card season is coming up. Please feel free to try that out, and let us know of any other improvements you’d like to see in future releases.


How to Run Reports on Report Cards

Report Cards handle all sorts of averages and compilations of student date that aren’t reflected anywhere else (except for maybe Transcripts). As such, if you want to see information like semester or final averages, report card comments, GPA, or grades for subject specific criteria in a handy summary report, you’ll want to run one of our reports that give you information from your report cards. Here are some quick tips on best practices for keeping your report cards in shipshape for reporting and some tips on how to setup your report cards so you can run reports on them quickly and easily.

Here is the listing of the Report Card reports that come default with all QuickSchools accounts

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The Stamford Elementary School Report Cards

As mentioned in our previous posts about the Report Cards initiative, today we’re sharing one of the custom-built private templates. If you like the way it looks, feel free to let chat in anytime and we’ll enable the template in your account, and help set it up just the way you like!

The Stamford Elementary School in Stamford, Vermont makes great use of a custom template with quarterly grades, semester exams, and detailed standards-based grading for their upper grade students. It’s a detailed and informative way of reporting grades and progress in specific areas. Check out the example Quarter 2 report card below to see just how much info it has!

This new template is based off of a public template – Quarterly Classic – and was built by Regie. Great work, Regie – and awesome input and directions, Stamford Elementary!

While this public template is a bit similar to the St. Monica Catholic School Template, it doesn’t include a conduct grade and is actually remarkably flexible: it has several alternate sections for listing subjects, lots of comment fields, and a great display for subject-specific criteria. Some of the features the template includes are…Read More »

Mass Downloading Report Cards in HTML5

Many schools like to be able to download all their report cards at once in order to print them all together. Since the move to HTML5, it’s become even easier to do just that! If you’re curious about how to download all report cards at once, here’s a short walkthrough.

Downloading the Report Cards

1 – Go to the Report Cards module

2  – Scroll to the bottom of the page & Click the gear button

3 – Click “Custom” & Enter a value greater than the number of students in your school. Click “Ok”.Read More »

The St. Monica Catholic School Report Cards

As mentioned in one of our previous posts on the new Report Cards initiative, today we are sharing one of the custom-built private templates. If you like the way it looks, feel free to chat in anytime and we can enable it in your account and help set it up just the way you like.

One of our fabulous schools, St. Monica Catholic School in Converse, TX, has a cool quarterly grading system with conduct grades shown alongside the regular academic marks, as well as a section for end-of-semester exams. Check out the report card below – it’s an example of how a Quarter 3 report card might look.

St. Monica Report Cars

This report card was built from several customizations to our public Quarterly Classic report card template. Here’s a great, big thank-you to St. Monica Catholic School for the fantastic design,  and to Rick, our awesome chat agent, for building it!

The report card is designed to show subject abbreviations, semester grades, and all subject comments for the year-to-date. It’s a tidy and concise presentation for a lot of information. The template also supports reporting lots more info, including…Read More »

The Carden Arbor View School Report Cards

One of our new schools, the Carden Arbor View School in Upland, California requested a custom private template that was very detailed and succinct. It is setup for trimesters, shows attendance, has subjects separated into columns, and commented listed below. In addition, there’s space for special academic designation, such as Headmaster’s List or Honor Roll, special custom grading scales, and it all fits on one page.

Here’s a sample of how this fabulous report card template looks  –

Carden Arbor View School Report Card Template

What an awesome report card ! Kudos to CAVS for their fantastic design and dedication to all the details of the report card, and to Rick, our chat support agent who built the report card for QuickSchools.

The CAVS template comes equipped all sorts of different useful fields that can be switched on, edited and customized. These include….Read More »

Customizing your Report Cards

We’re very proud of our Report Card module. It has been a labor of love for us at QuickSchools, as we sought to blend the complexities of what schools demand in terms of assessments, with something that’s simple and easy-to-use for teachers and parents alike. And thanks to your feedback, the module has been able to evolve (and continues to evolve) into what it is today.

But still, customizing report cards can be a complicated affair, depending on the specific needs of your school. And it has been a challenge for us to try to meet the varying needs of our customers. And so, we’re dedicating an entire section on our QuickSchools Blog just to showcase the report cards that we’ve been able to customize over the years. And we hope that schools can use these examples as they work on setting up or even improving their QuickSchools Report Cards.

All report cards customization will be categorized into the “Custom Report Cards” category, which is available here:

In addition, all custom report cards will be tagged based on use-case / scenario. We’ll start with just a few examples per scenario, but the list of sample report cards will grow over time.

Report Card Examples

Here is a list of report card use-cases / scenarios:

Public vs. Private Templates

When you go to “Report Cards” > “Setup Report Cards”, you can click on “Select Template” to choose a public template for your report cards:

Read More »

The Brunswick Academy Report Cards

As mentioned in one of our previous posts on the new Report Cards initiative, today we are sharing one of the custom-built private templates. If you like the way it looks, feel free to let chat in anytime and we can enable it in your account and help set it up just the way you like.

This Report Card template is used by Brunswick Academy, one of our amazing schools, which is located in Lawrenceville, VA, USA. The template was built by Regie, one of our awesome chat support agents.

Brunswick has a really cool semester setup, with six cycles, each cycle is a six-week marking period. In the high school, the first three cycles and a final exam correspond to Semester 1, while the second three cycles and their final exam correspond to Semester 2. Semesters are averaged into a final grade, and credit earned is shown on the Report Card. Also, attendance is combined so that “Absent” and “Tardy” include excused and unexcused absences and tardies together. As a result, it’s a very detailed and informative report card.

Here’s a look at a sample of the report card, configured for the High School-

Thanks Brunswick, for the design for a fantastic report card, and great work, Regie, for building it for QuickSchools!

For schools with six marking periods, exams, and semesters, this might be a good report card template for you. In addition to the term setup and the combined attendance, this report card supports several other sections including…Read More »