Teacher Discussion Lounge: Facilitating School Staff Communication

While it’s important to remain connected with your fellow teachers, finding the time to do so can be difficult in the often hectic school environment. To help solve this dilemma, we’ve designed the Teacher Discussion Lounge within the Quickshools.com system to facilitate discussions between school staff members.

The Teacher Discussion Lounge is an easy-to-use tool allowing you to discuss important topics with your fellow teachers. Use the lounge to discuss features within the Quickshools.com system, chat about school happenings, or any other topics that come to mind. Here are a few details on this feature to help you successfully implement it into your school environment.

Exclusive Teacher Feature

The Teacher Discussion Lounge appears on the home page of the Quickshools.com system and is only visible to teachers. The home page is an ideal location allowing you to quickly read new posts from other staff members with each visit.

After logging in to your account, you’ll see a box with the words “What’s up? Share and discuss with other teachers.” This is the main tool of the Teacher Discussion Lounge you’ll use to post new topics to the discussion board. You can type anything in the discussion box and, again, the feature is only available to teachers using the system.

Your name along with a profile picture will appear with each post that’s submitted. Your profile picture can be changed from the My Profile section of the system.

Easy Reply Function

Other teachers can easily respond to your posts using the comment feature that’s listed below each post. The comments section will continue expanding as new responses are submitted by various staff members. This functioning allows you to quickly stay in contact with your colleagues on important school topics and learn more about your fellow teachers when discussing non-school related items.

If you have two browsers simultaneously opened, you’ll immediately see replies appearing as they’re submitted in the other browser. This prevents a delay in communications and provides instantaneous information to remain in contact with the other teachers at your school. If, at any point you feel it necessary to do so, you can delete any previous posts and replies you’ve submitted.

The Teacher Discussion Lounge is yet another feature in the Quickshools.com suite of products designed to facilitate communication between teachers. While each school using the system will likely find different purposes for the discussion lounge, it will undoubtedly prove to be a valuable tool for all who use it. If you would like to see the Teacher Discussion Lounge in action, view the brief tour video below.

Transcripts Module: View and Edit Student Transcript Data with Ease

Our transcripts module has been out quite recently and we’re glad that many of our customers have adopted it very quickly. Thanks! We’ll continue to introduce improvements to the module as we get more feedback from the field.

The transcripts module is available through the  Apollo and Athena plans and offers several valuable features, which are further described below.

First off, our transcripts module automatically creates your students’ transcripts from the gradebook data which greatly simplifies things for many a school administrator!

Easy Viewing

The transcripts module automatically pulls each student’s information from the system’s gradebook data into an easy to view format. From the module’s main screen, you can quickly locate a specific student and click to either view or download a pdf of the student’s transcript to use for your intended purposes. The default transcript details are laid out in an easy to read and well-structured format to locate all necessary information.

Multiple Templates

We understand that each school is unique and this is why we’ve included multiple transcript templates in the module. The default template features a portrait layout and includes several customization options.

If the module’s default format isn’t sufficient for your needs, you can easily choose one of the other available templates with a more suitable layout. The other available template formats include portrait and landscape options for either 4-year or 2-semester time periods.

Simplified Editing

In addition to choosing one of the other available templates, you can also directly edit transcript details by clicking on a student’s name from the module’s main screen. Editable fields within this screen include, among others, the adding and deleting of subjects and editing of subject details such as subject names and credit hours.

These changes will then be reflected when reviewing the student’s pdf transcript. The editing capabilities will help ensure that each student’s transcript is sufficient for your needs and will be laid out in your preferred format.

The transcripts module is yet another valuable tool offered in the QuickSchools.com suite of products. From simplified editing options to easy-to-view pdf downloads, the transcripts module will meet your student data collection needs. View the brief preview video below to see the module’s features in action.

Announcing Release of Scheduling Module Beta Version

Completing school schedules manually is both tedious and time-consuming. Ever since we started, many of you have requested that we develop a scheduling module to alleviate the burden of creating your school schedules. We listened to those requests and are happy to introduce the new scheduling module in the Athena plan which is currently in its beta version.

The scheduling module is an exciting addition to QuickSchools.com that simplifies the scheduling process by allowing you to create electronic schedules with ease and publish them for teachers, students, and parents to view. Let’s preview a few scheduling module benefits to help you learn more about how this product can benefit you and your school:

Simplified Schedule Creation

Your scheduling process can now be simplified with this easy to use electronic process. Easily modify the days and times of each schedule block to correspond with your school’s unique setup. You can also quickly click within each schedule block to insert period breaks as needed.

After the basic schedule layout is perfectly customized, you can then begin filling in each period block with the appropriate classes. You no longer must worry about making scheduling mistakes as you would with the manual process because classes can be re-arranged simply by clicking and dragging as needed.

Automatically Assigned Subjects

Any previously created subjects will automatically appear within the module to speed up the creation process. You can also add subjects on the fly when working in the scheduling module, if needed.

Publish to User Accounts

After the schedule is created, quickly activate it with the click of a button for teachers, students, and parents to access through their individual accounts. As additional schedule changes are made, those changes will also be updated within the various user accounts.

If you are interested in testing out the scheduling module, we invite you to try the beta version for free by contacting us at support@quickschools.com so we can turn the scheduling feature on for you. Want to see even more of the scheduling module’s features? View the brief preview video below.

Updated May 8, 2013:

We have a new updated scheduler. Check it out here:


Exciting Updates to the Homework Module

After much eager anticipation, QuickSchools.com would like to announce three exciting enhancements to the Homework module. First, teachers can now set due dates for each assignment created in the homework module. Second, teachers can upload attachments for each assignment. Students can then download those attachments in their accounts. Third, teachers can now manage the assignment information for other teachers if given this right by the account administrators. These three updates increase the homework module’s functionality and usability – making it even more valuable for teachers, students and parents.

Let’s briefly review each enhancement in more detail:

Assigning Due Dates

Some students will find any excuse to avoid completing their homework assignments on time. Thankfully, the homework module has become even more excuse proof by featuring a new due date assignment feature. Teachers can create due dates for each assignment in the homework module so students can clearly determine when their homework must be completed.

Uploading and Downloading Files

The file uploading and downloading feature is a perfect time saver for those teachers with students who always seem to lose their homework handouts. Now, rather than taking the time to print off handouts, teachers can direct their students to download all files through QuickSchools.com’s homework module.

When students login to their QuickSchools.com accounts, they can quickly navigate to the homework tab on their account page to download each attachment provided to them by various instructors.

Other Teacher Assigning

At times, teachers must rely on each other to ensure their lesson plans remain on schedule. The final homework module enhancement recognizes this interconnectivity by allowing teachers to create assignments and upload files for their colleagues.

For example, if a teacher is on vacation or sick, they can ask a colleague to upload upcoming assignments for their classes. The account administrator can assign this privilege to specific teachers, maintaining control over who can access these assignment rights.

These three homework module enhancements are designed to further streamline and simplify the homework assignment process and have received positive feedback since their release. If you would like to learn even more about these homework module enhancements, click on the video below to view a quick tour.