Found a Teacher Through Twitter: Conducted a User Test

Project Teacher Twitter Test

This is a program where we pick 3 of our followers on Twitter to help test a new feature on the QuickSchools service. This is brand new, a trial run, and we’ve successfully conducted the first user test with Jason Schmidt (twitter name jasonschmidt123) from Gethsemane Lutheran School to research on the effectiveness of our Gradebook¬† feature.

Jason if you’re reading this let me say ” Thank you, we really appreciate it!”.

The format of the test is being refined, but basically testers will be asked to login to a pre-prepared school account and asked to carry out a few tasks.

To help us evaluate the results, we’ll ask you to use to record your screen and voice while you are carrying out the test. This helps the QuickSchools team understand the complexities that a new user faces when using the school management system to do basic tasks. The results are quite valuable as the findings help us understand how a minor tweak to the UI could make a huge difference to the ease of use.

Would you like to be involved with our user test too? Register here today!

Results of the program will be out in less than 2 weeks.

Great IT tools that schools and teachers can use

Being in the software industry we realized that there are a lot of applications we use on a daily basis that could benefit teachers and administration at schools too.¬†This week we’re going to focus on FREE applications that you can find on the internet.

There are a lot of applications available for free on the internet. Educators, specially teachers can benefit from using them at school or even at home. Some of the tools we’ve covered are Google Calendar, Freemind and Picnik. Read the full article to check out the web services that we recommend you use.

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