Announcing Orchestra Master Scheduler

After some years of being in Private Beta, QuickSchools is proud to announce that our Master Scheduler is now available as it’s own standalone product called Orchestra. Check out the website at

Orchestra Master Scheduler website

Orchestra will maintain the same simplicity and ease-of-use that has been synonymous with the QuickSchools brand. You will find many common elements between the two brands to maintain consistency in the user experience and of course, Orchestra too comes included with our awesome Live Chat support.

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New Release – July 26, 2021

We’ve made several improvements to our Orchestra Master Scheduler for this release. But we’ve also included a few general improvements related to Admissions, Report Creator, the Library App, our API (and Zapier), Google Drive Integration, and much more.

Improvements to the Applications module within QuickSchools Admissions

Here are the latest improvements in QuickSchools:

Master Scheduler Improvements

  • Term-Length is now optional when importing Courses. Defaults to Semester-long
  • Limit for Departments are now optional
  • Bug fix when searching for Courses without Departments
  • Bug fixes related to performance improvements when setting Next Enrollment Period
  • Show configured Courses for Teachers in Step 1 “Configure Teachers”
  • Show Min, Max and Target Section Sizes in Step 2 “Course Requests by Course”
  • New Step 4 Filter by Department
  • Miscellaneous Improvements to Step 4 and Step 4 Pagination
  • Rename Block Sections to Teams
  • Bulk Create Lab-Lecture Teams (previously Block Sections) by Period
  • New Step 5 Advanced Filter for Student Conflicts
  • Ability to hide periods without sections in Section Assignments PDF
  • Support separate Course Code and Course Name in Section Assignments PDF
  • Miscellaneous Bug fixes to Section Assignments PDF
  • Option to use “” when emailing Section Assignments PDF
  • New Teacher Invitation Emails for Orchestra Only Plan
  • Ability to enable Section Attendance within Orchestra

Improvements related to Admissions

  • Bulk Email Applicants from Template
  • Improve Configuration Area for Inquiry and Application Status Codes
  • Bug Fix Enrollment when student name has apostrophe
  • Framework Improvements to support Portal for Applicants (Alpha)

Other General Improvements

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New Release – May 24, 2021

Several minor improvements for this release, plus a few general improvements to our Master Scheduler. Here are the latest improvements in QuickSchools:

When re-assigning sections to another teacher, you can now view/select which sections to re-assign in the Master Scheduler

Master Scheduler Improvements

  • Refactor Screens for standalone Orchestra Master Scheduler Plan
  • Expand support for Constraints (by row and column)
  • Improve how sections are re-assigned
  • Improve Summary Report support for Master Scheduler
  • Improve flow for deleting courses
  • Support Bulk Removal of Course Requests by Report
  • Support multiple sections in a single period, in student PDF
  • Miscellaneous bug fixes

Other General Improvements

  • Include attachments when copying Lesson Plans
  • Improve Google Drive Integration support for large data sets
  • Improve how Summary Reports are run concurrently
  • Support Gradebook Category in Report Creator
  • Fix initial authentication connection to Canvas
  • Fix Delay when Changing Password
  • Fix Time Zone Difference when creating Live Stream events
  • Cosmetic UI Improvements (Relabelling buttons)
  • General improvements to server exception errors

New Release – Aug 9, 2021

This release is a special 2-week accelerated Sprint for the Orchestra Master Scheduler, covering the main areas:

  • Weekly Schedules (with varying Section Frequency)
  • Tracking Schedule Changes (after Finalization)
  • Managing Bulk Changes to Student Enrollments

Here is a complete list of the latest QuickSchools improvements:

Master Scheduler Improvements

  • New Max Sections for Teacher-Course Configuration (Private Beta)
  • Course-Teacher Importer supports Max Sections (Private Beta)
  • New shortcut for Weekly Bell Schedule (Private Beta)
  • New Days and Frequency Settings for Courses (for Weekly Schedules)
  • New Support for Multi-Day Sections in Step 4 and Step 5 (for Weekly Schedules)
  • Run Step 4 based on Department Filter
  • Update Step 4 Course Details with Frequency, Days and Max Sections for Teachers
  • PDF Schedule for Teachers based on Next Enrollment Period
  • Option to Copy Latest Schedule to QuickSchools
  • Support Tracking Schedule Data for Export
  • Summary Report Support for Copied/Exported Schedule Data
  • Report Creator Support for Copied/Exported Schedule Data
  • Report Creator Support for Students with Conflicts
  • Improvements and Bug Fixes when Configuring Teachers
  • General Improvements to Semester Setup for Orchestra Master Scheduler 

General Improvements

  • Bulk Student Importer supports Reactivating Students (Beta)
  • Bulk Student Importer supports Deletion of Students (Beta)
  • Improve capacity for sending out Section PDF in bulk

Weekly Schedules (Beta)

We have a new capability that allows schools to easily create a weekly bell schedule:

When importing or adding courses, you can specify frequency and days of the week:

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Mini Release – Oct 18, 2021

Although we had a release last week, today’s release is to consolidate framework changes we’ve been making on our new Orchestra Master Scheduler. We also took this opportunity to piggy back some minor improvements.

Master Scheduler Step 5 now has expanded headers for Academic Term and Day

Here is a list of the latest QuickSchools improvements:

Master Scheduler Improvements

  • Weekly Schedule now supports Scheduling Algorithms
  • Reinstate support for Optimize to Weekly Schedule
  • Fix Distribution Algorithm across all periods for Weekly Schedule
  • Show Semester and Days in Step 5
  • Bug fix when importing Course Requests without Teacher ID

Other Improvements

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