Fee Tracking / Online Payments Webinar

Thanks to everyone who attended the QuickSchools webinar today on Fee Tracking and Online Payments. It was a rather long webinar at 45 minutes, but I think it was helpful to people:

Fee Tracking and Online Forms Webinar for QuickSchools

If you missed the webinar, or would like a copy of the recording, please fill in the survey, and let us know. Our team will send you a link to the recording once it’s available. However, if you’d like a copy of the presentation, we have that here for download:

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Fee Tracking Features

QuickSchools has come a long way since our Early Days. So here’s an updated summary of what our Fee Tracking module can do:

The Basics

You can easily add charges and payments for each student. You can also generate invoices, which is simply a collection of charges:

We modelled our Fee Tracking module after Credit Card statements. You can designate a statement period (i.e. a start and end date), and the system will (1) calculate an opening balance, (2) calculate a closing / outstanding balance, and (3) display all transactions within the specified period. You can also print out invoices and receipts.

For the Power User

Be sure to turn on any additional features that you need from the “Settings” > “Turn Features On / Off” page:

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Reset Fee Tracking

With the new school year starting soon, you may have Fee Tracking balances carried forward from the previous year. And for some schools, you may want to reset the Fee Tracking balances for all your students/parents. To do this in QuickSchools, it’s simply a matter of exporting the existing balances for each student/family, and then re-importing the balance as a new transaction. When crafting the Excel file for import, you’ll need to set a date and description for each transaction. 

Here is an article that details the steps for resetting the Fee Tracking balances in your QuickSchools account:


For further assistance, please feel free to contact our support staff via email or chat.

New Report: Fee Tracking Transactions by Category & Primary Payer

We’ve recently released a new report for Fee Tracking. It’s available to all users with access to fee tracking reports and is great for when your school uses both Category-based Fee Tracking and Family Billing.

If you’d like to find this report, you can do so by going to the Reports module and searching “Fee”. The new report will appear with your other fee tracking reports, and will look like the highlighted report below:


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Fee Tracking Reports for Allocations

We recently introduced a new report that shows Payment Allocations (which incidentally has been renamed per screenshot below). We’ve created a similar report in QuickSchools that shows how Charges/Invoices have been allocated. Again, searching for the word “Allocations” in the Reports module, which should yield the following results:

Fees Tracking Allocations Report
Fees Tracking Allocations Report

If you find these reports useful, don’t forget to Star them as your favorites. Additionally, we’ve also added 2 new options filter by in the “Fee Tracking Transactions” Report:Read More »

Fee Tracking Allocations Report

We’ve just released a new “Fee Tracking Allocations” report that will allow you to track all Payment Allocations in your QuickSchools Fees Tracking module:

Fees Tracking Allocations Report
Fees Tracking Allocations Report

If you’re looking to track which fees have been explicitly paid, and which are outstanding, you’ll need to turn on the Payment Allocation feature in the Fees Tracking module (Check out the Features page in your QuickSchools account):Read More »

Fee Tracking Improvements for 2014

School is OUT! And what that means is, you can expect many new improvements in QuickSchools before the new 2014-2015 school year starts in the fall. Be sure to let us know what features you’d like to see in future releases.

We’d like to announce a couple of awesome new features that have just been released in our Fee Tracking module, as well as some that our on the way:

  • Fee Deadlines and Payment Allocations
  • Printable Invoices and Receipts
  • Coming Soon: QuickBooks App
  • Coming Soon: Alerts

Fee Deadlines and Payment Allocations

Many of you have requested the ability to note down when a payment is due for specific fees. And so we’ve built in a new to do just that. But in order to track whether a fee deadline has been met, we’ve also built-in the ability to allocate payments to fees (this is typical for accounting programs).

To turn on the feature, just go to the “Settings” > “Turn Features On/Off” and click on the “Configure” link next to the “Fee Tracking” module:

Turn on Fee Deadline and Payment Allocation
Turn on Fee Deadline and Payment Allocation

Just make sure to check off “Turn on fee deadlines & payment allocations”, and you’re all set.

IMPORTANT: It’s important to note that once you turn on this feature all payments will need to be allocated to a fee/charge (otherwise the system will warn you of unallocated payments). So for those who have been using the Fee Tracking module for a while, it can be difficult to transition to this new method. Please contact our support team for more info.

Once the method is enabled, your “Fee Tracking” > “Student Billing” List will display all Unpaid Charges:

Student Billing / Unpaid Charges
Student Billing / Unpaid Charges

When you click on a record, every payment will have an “Allocate” link, which will allow you to allocate payments to previous fees/charges. The “Allocate” link will always be displayed, even if the payment has already been allocated, in the event you’d like to re-allocate the payment differently:Read More »

All New Fee Tracking Module

It’s finally here!

We recently posted an article about some upcoming upgrades to the Fee Tracking module:


We’re happy to announce that we’ve finally released the new fee tracking module. Here are some highlights:

Multiple Primary Payers

When you open a student record, you can now set multiple Primary Payers (if Family Billing is enabled):

New Fee Tracking with Multiple Primary Payers
New Fee Tracking with Multiple Primary Payers

Family Designation

When you have multiple primary payers, you can now designate how to address the payer. So for example, you could say “The DeSilva Family” or “Mr. and Mrs. DeSilva”:Read More »

Upcoming Release: Fee Tracking

We’re very excited to announce some upcoming improvements to the Fee Tracking module in QuickSchools. We’re just finalizing the new module, which should be made available in the upcoming weeks. New features include:

  • Ability to generate separate Invoices and Statements
  • Invoices are simply a list of charges that are done at the same time (i.e. grouped together)
  • When generating statements, you can select you own start and end dates (which can overlap with previous statements)
  • Statements can include invoices as well as independent charges
  • We will be supporting multiple payers (one primary payer plus additional secondary payers)
  • Payers can view transactions by statement and invoice
  • Statements can be mass generated and emailed automatically to the payer
  • All existing “Invoices” will appear as Statements.

We’ll be sure to post more details, along with screen shots and tips / guidelines for using the new Fee Tracking module once it’s released. As always, we appreciate all your feedback.

QuickSchools Fee Tracking

We have a few videos on youtube already, detailing how the Fee Tracking module works. I thought I’d summarize some of the key features of the Fee Tracking module here, and reference the videos that we have available on youtube:

Here’s a summary of the Fee Tracking capabilities:

  • You can keep track of Fees and Payments for each student, and the system will keep track of outstanding balances.
  • You can create Standard Charges that can be applied in bulk to all students, or to a sub-set of students (based on grade level and other criteria).
  • All Fee Tracking transactions are dated based on date of entry. The date of the transaction cannot be changed. You can however indicate the date in the transaction description.
  • The fee tracking module does not generate invoices or receipts. Instead, the Fee Tracking module can generate statements for each student, detailing an opening balance, transactions since the last statement, and an ending balance (like a credit card statement).
  • Transactions in the fee tracking module can be categorized for reporting purposes. So you could track “Tuition Fees” separately from “Administrative Fees” for example, if categorized accordingly.
  • All transactions and summary information can be exported to Excel for offline manipulation, or for import into an external program.
  • Statements that are generated are in PDF format, and can be printed or emailed to parents as attachments.
  • If you’d like the PDF statement to be formatted a certain way (to include payment instructions, for example), let us know, and we can customize that for you.

Here is a list of videos that we have:Read More »