Email Report Cards

So it’s the end of term, and your report cards are locked and published. How can you get the report cards generated in your QuickSchools account into the hands of your parents / students, especially if they’re not using the Parent Portal or Student Portal?

We introduced the ability to bulk email report cards back in October 2018. So we thought we’d highlight it again here, since it’s quite a useful tool. All you have to do is, from the main Report Cards listing, select all the report cards you want to email out, and then select “Email Report Card” from the menu:

Email Report Cards to parents or students in bulk

The system will prompt you for confirmation, so you don’t send it out accidentally:

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Creating New Report Cards

Report Card season is coming around. If you’ve previously set up report cards on QuickSchools, here are some quick pointers on how to configure new sessions based on your previous settings:

Creating a new session

To create a new session, simply go to “Report Cards” > “Setup Report Cards” and click on the “Create New” link:

From there, you’ll just need to fill in the form. In particular, if you want to copy settings from a previous session, you can set the “Copy Setup From” field to a previously configured session:

NOTE: By default, when you create a new session, teachers will automatically get access to the session, in order to start filling in grades. Use the “Test Mode” feature to limit access to the report cards to specific users, in the event you want to make changes to the customization before allowing full access to teachers.

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Report Cards and New Academic Terms

In QuickSchools, Academic Terms (or Semesters) provide a way to contain and separate student data. So for example, when you change the courses for a student within an academic term, it does not affect his courses from a previous academic term. And this extends to many modules, like grade levels / programs, subjects and gradebooks, simplified schedules, report cards, standard charges (from the Fee Tracking module), and so on. In this way, you can easily and safely introduce changes to the student record, while keeping archived data intact.

So when you activate a new Academic Term, it makes sense to copy certain information over, instead of recreating everything from scratch. By default, the system will ask you whether you want to copy data forward:

Choose whether to Copy data from the Previously Active Academic Term

There is an additional area to “Configure” additional information to copy over, like Gradebook Formulas and Admin Columns :

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Report Cards via Standard Groupings

If you’re using standards / criteria in your Report Cards, then you know there are many ways to set up standards / criteria in QuickSchools, including via the Standards-Based Gradebook. But did you know you can standardize your report cards while allowing teachers to skip the gradebook and submit grades directly to the report cards? Here we discuss how you can use Standard Groupings (or Standard Set Groupings) to configure standards that appear in your report cards.

Edit Groupings for Standards to appear in Report Cards
REMINDER: If you’re thinking of using Standards in your QuickSchools Report Cards for the first time, be sure to select a Report Card Template that supports Standards.

Setting up Standards

Before you begin, you’ll need to install the Standards-Based Gradebook app. More details on setup can be found here:

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FREE WEBINAR: Customizing Effective Report Cards with QuickSchools

We’re at that time of the year when teachers need to look back and list topics that were covered in each subject, as well as areas that could use improvements or enrichments. Yes, in other words – it’s report card season!

QuickSchools, as always, continues to support your school’s teaching, learning, and administrative needs. As part of our services, we’re offering a FREE webinar for school administrators on how to produce elegant report cards that will also provide essential feedback to students and their parents.

QuickSchools’ Customizing Effective Report Cards webinar is suitable for all levels of users. We’ll first provide an overview of the basic features in the Report Cards module, before covering more intermediate and advanced concepts. Key discussion points include:

  • Report Cards basics: linking sessions and courses, working with the Gradebook
  • Customizing the Report Cards template
  • Working with single term and multiple term Report Cards
  • Advanced Report Cards features: subject specific criteria, student-level criteria and standards

We hope that you’ll take advantage of our interactive webinar. Post questions and answer polls during the 30-minute presentation session, and discuss further details during the follow-up, 30-minute Q&A session.

This webinar is scheduled for Thursday, October 21st at 11 AM (PDT) / 2 PM (EDT). Log on to your QuickSchools account to register. You’ll see the announcement and sign-up link on the Teachers’ Lounge page.

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