New Release – Aug 22, 2023

This release focuses on improvements to the Orchestra Master Scheduler, but also contains improvements to other areas/apps like Pre-Enrollment, Program Attendance, Test & Assessments, as well as Online Payments (related to Online Forms and Admissions).

Here is a list of the latest QuickSchools improvements:

Master Scheduler

  • Improved Support for Tags on Course Requests and Teachers
  • Improved Support for Room Assignments (see above)
  • Improved Support for Duplicate Course Requests
  • Bug Fix Step 1 Import of Teacher Configuration with duplicate Departments
  • Bug Fix Step 4 display of teachers when searching for teachers
  • Bug Fix Teams when Courses are excluded from the Enrollment Period

Expanded Pre-Enrollment Feature

  • New “Pre-Enrolled” Student listing (see below)
  • Support for Text and Voice Messaging (see below)

General Bug Fixes / Improvements

  • Improve Online Payment Support to Fee Tracking from Admissions and Online Forms
  • Hide Form Packets via Tag
  • Expand customizability for Report Card Templates
  • New “Payment Plan” tab on Student record (see below)
  • Improve Payment Plan support for ACH

Beta Improvements

  • “Program Attendance” APP now supports
    • New tab on Student record for Parent Portal
    • Default Positive Attendance set to “No Status”
  • Support for IGCSE in the new “Tests & Assessments” App
  • Miscellaneous API Improvements for Engage

Payment Plan Tab

There’s a new setting in the Payment Plan App that allows you to view the Payment Plan directly from the student record:

When enabled, you’ll see a new “Payment Plan” tab on the student record:

Pre-Enrolled Students

We are expanding our support for Pre-Enrolled students. For now, you should see options to send Text and Voice Messages to Pre-Enrolled Students (similar to what we already have for Email Messaging to Pre-Enrolled Students):

We’re also building a new Student listing specifically for Pre-Enrolled Students:

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