Top 10 fun activities to learn and celebrate spring with your students

Top 10 fun ways to learn and celebrate spring with your students

Let’s talk about spring – the season, not the framework (we’ll save that for those in the know). There are many fun classroom activities ideas to celebrate and welcome the Spring season. Spring is the season of sunshine, longer days, and warmer weather. It’s like Mother Nature’s way of saying, “Hey, it’s time to come out of hibernation and have some fun!

In the K-12 industry, spring is an exciting time because the school year is winding down, and summer break is just around the corner. But before we hit the beach, we’ve got some learning to do!

Spring is the perfect time to get outside and explore nature. A chance to stretch your legs and soak up some vitamin D while learning something new. Let’s take look at how Spring is celebrated worldwide to explore new horizons and some fun indoor and outdoor activities teachers can do. 

Spring festivals in different countries 

Spring is celebrated in various cultures with different traditions and festivities. For example, in Teotihuacán, Mexico, people gather at the Teotihuacán Pyramid wearing white to mark the spring equinox. In India, they have a colorful festival, known as Holi that lasts an entire day and night. The festival Las Fallas in Valencia, Spain, is celebrated in March, possibly stemming from an ancient tradition of lighting fires during seasonal transitions. Japan celebrates cherry blossom festivals, with gatherings beginning as early as March.

Fun Indoor Spring activity in the classroom ideas

1. Learn how different countries around the world celebrate spring 

There are different cultures and traditions around the world. It would be fun and insightful for students to learn the origin of the festivities and the reason behind the celebrations. Not only would it provide students with a different perspective of the world, but it is also an interesting activity in the classroom. To provide a better understanding and alleviate the experience, teachers could use Google Maps to have the entire class virtually visit the places.

2. Brainstorm a spring celebration

From all the information the class has gathered from the first activity, allow students to brainstorm ways their class or the school can celebrate the spring season. It could be a combination of the different traditions they have learned earlier or something new and original they come up with. Have them map out their ideas. This activity could be done in groups to make presenting ideas easier. This is a good activity to foster creativity in the classroom.

3. Observe and record signs of spring

For younger pupils, let them put their observational skills to work by recording signs of spring over one week. They could share their findings with the class which is also a great way to train their public speaking skills.

For example, do they notice a difference in the way their parents are dressed, how the route to school is showing signs of change, or even if there are different topics of conversation being had like summer plans? 

4. Read spring-themed literature

Students can read books or poems related to spring! This could be a list curated by the teacher or they could also find their own pick. To ensure students do the reading and stay “on-theme”, get them to write down words or phrases used in their book of choice that stood out to them and how they relate to spring. Perhaps they can even create a poem expressing or welcoming the spring season. 

5. Butterfly life cycle

Teach students about the life cycle of a butterfly by raising butterflies in the classroom. You can order butterfly larvae online and watch as they transform into beautiful butterflies. It’s a great way to teach science and patience while also enjoying the wonder of nature indoors.

6. Spring-themed art class

Get creative with some spring-themed art projects. Have students create colorful flowers using tissue paper or paint, make birdhouses out of recycled materials, or create collages using pictures of spring scenes. It’s a fun way to incorporate art into your curriculum while also celebrating the season.

Fun Outdoor Spring Activity Ideas

Outdoor activities can provide a refreshing change of pace for students, which is a great way to break the monotony in the classroom. The best part is, they get to appreciate the beauty of Spring by participating in these fun activities!

1. Observe the spring weather

Take advantage of the warmer weather and have your students observe the changes in weather during the spring. You can teach them how the change in seasons affects the weather patterns and have them keep a weather observation log. This can also encourage children to learn about journaling. 

2. Go on a nature walk or scavenger hunt

Take your students on a walk around the school or a nearby park to observe nature in the spring. With this purpose in mind, students can explore different types of plants, flowers, and animals that are commonly found during this season. Teachers could also opt to bring students out for a scavenger hunt activity.

3. Plant a garden 

Utilize the outdoor space to plant a small garden with your students and discuss the different types of plants that are typically grown in the spring. This would be the perfect opportunity to teach them about proper gardening techniques.

4. Spring cleaning

Teach students the importance of taking care of our environment by organizing a classroom or school-wide spring cleaning event. You can pick up litter around the school grounds, recycle old materials, or plant new trees or flowers. Moreover, it is a great way for students to learn about environmental responsibility while also giving back to the community.

In summary, these are just a few ideas for both indoor and outdoor activities to celebrate spring in the classroom. Have fun exploring and learning with your students!

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