New Release – April 12, 2021

Here are the latest improvements in QuickSchools:

Google Classroom Improvements

  • Map students by email address – See below
  • Search feature for Profiles (Beta)

Email Improvements

  • Introduce Send History when sending Email from Templates – See below
  • Improve performance when emailing attachments from modules (Report Cards, Gradebook, Fee Tracking)
  • Miscellaneous bug fixes related to attachments

Other General Improvements

  • NEW: Attendance Dashboard for Not-Yet-Taken (Beta) – See below
  • Improve how Summary Reports are run for long queries
  • Live Stream now support recurring meetings
  • Search Student by Email Address and Phone Number
  • Ability to Schedule Synchronize with Sync 
  • Ability to disable Chat Box for Online Forms – See below
  • Fileroom App now supports sharing with Students
  • Improve Search on Teachers Lounge (Beta)
  • School Notes for new Self-Enrollment (Beta)
  • Miscellaneous improvements to Announcements
  • Miscellaneous improvements to Master Scheduler
  • Bug fix when managing Live Stream for Teachers
  • Bug fix when a new document is uploaded to the Student record

Mapping Students in Google Classroom

When mapping students in Google Classroom, the system now displays the email address, so that it’s easier to match students. This is particularly useful when students use their own personal Google Accounts for Google Classroom, and thus may have names in a foreign language:

Please note that if you’ve already connected your QuickSchools account with Google Classroom, you may need to reset your connection to Google. Please contact QuickSchools support to make this happen.

Send History when using Email Templates

When using module-based Email Templates, the system now display the status of each email being sent:

Attendance Dashboard for Not-Yet-Taken

We have a new Attendance Dashboard that is still in Private Beta, which can be used to review all teachers who have not taken attendance for a particular day:

The intent of this screen is to allow an administrator to:

  • Quickly identify which teachers have not yet taken attendance for a particular day (and for which periods / subjects)
  • Easily take attendance on behalf of the teacher (by clicking on the Period)
  • Schedule notifications to be emailed to teachers regularly, reminding them to take attendance. Email will include information of attendance not yet taken.

More details will be shared in a separate article. If you’re interested in this feature, please contact our support staff.

Disable Chat for Online Forms

There is a new setting when configuring an Online Form packet to disable the Live Chat feature:

This will avoid confusion where applicants think that the chat box connects them to the school (instead of QuickSchools support).

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