School Days for Weekend Schools

If you run a Weekend School (or any school that doesn’t run the traditional 5-day Monday-thru-Friday schedule), you can use the “Edit Overall Settings” feature under “Settings” > “Turn Features On / Off” to configure your School Days in QuickSchools:

As mentioned on the screen, this setting currently only applies to Lesson plans, Attendance, and the Lunch Ordering App. If you have a specific module that you’d like this feature to include, please do let us know:

School Days in Lesson Plans

Here’s an example screen from the “By Month” view of the Subject-Based Lesson Plans. Notice that it only shows the school days for Sunday and Saturday, as configured in the previous example:

School Days for Attendance

For attendance, there is an additional setting to “Hide “Take Attendance” button on non school-days”, which you’ll need to turn on when configuring the Attendance module. This setting is also integrated with a separate ability to configure holidays for the academic term:

Once this setting is enable, teachers will not be able to take attendance on non-school days:

And the “Take Attendance” button will only appear for designated school days (based on the school days of the week, as well as holidays):

If you have more questions about setting up school days, please be sure to contact our support team.

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