Webinar for Teachers

In case you haven’t noticed, QuickSchools will be offering it’s first Webinar for Teachers in just a couple of weeks, as part of our new Webinar Series

This webinar will focus on tools/modules related to Online Learning, which include:

We will not be discussing external Learning Management Systems (LMS) that are integrated into QuickSchools, like Google Classroom, Schoology, Canvas, Ignitia and Odysseyware. For more info on these systems, you should check out their respective sites. We may provide a webinar for administrators, on how the integration works in the future.

Spaces are limited, so be sure to sign-up soon to save your spot. We look forward to having you there!

3 thoughts on “Webinar for Teachers

    • Hi Samina,
      The link to this webinar was available on the Home page upon signing into QuickSchools. However, the registration deadline has lapsed. If you reach out to our support team, they can look into getting you registered. There might still be some spots remaining.

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