Gradebook Tools for Teachers

If you’re using the QuickSchools Gradebook, here are some tools available to you as a teacher. Just click on the paper icon on the top right corner of the screen:

Tools for Teachers on the QuickSchools Gradebook

This will bring up the following screen:

Available Functions for the QuickSchools Gradebook

Print Gradebook

This feature is useful if you want to print and post grades outside the classroom. When using this function, there are several option to configure the layout as well as what information is displayed:

Options when Printing Gradebook roster in QuickSchools

The student names can be replaced with the student number, to maintain student privacy. Here’s an example printout:

Sample PDF for Gradebook Roster without Student Names

Print Student Progress Reports

This feature is useful for Parent-Teacher conferences. You can print Gradebook entries for all students at once, or just for a few selected students:

Here’s an example of what the PDF looks like for a particular student:

Sample Student Progress Report by Subject

Note that the PDF will only contain Gradebook entries from the selected subject, and will not contain grades from other subjects. To print grades from all subjects for a particular student, you’d need to access the Gradebook tab on the student record the main Students listing.

Missing Grades / Ds and Fs Report

The purpose of this feature is to highlight missing assignments/grades, as well as low performing areas from the Gradebook. There are a few elements that you can configure:

Printing Missing and/or Low Grades

Similar to the “Student Progress Reports”, you can use the “Detailed Report” option to print each student on it’s own page:

Detailed Missing / Low Grades Report by Student

You can also print a summary for all students on a single page, using the “Simple Report” option:

Simple Missing / Low Grades Report by Subject

Export Gradebook

The export function simply produces an Excel spreadsheet of all assignments and grades of the current Gradebook. This is useful if you’d like to maintain your own back-up of the Gradebook.

Gradebook Templates

The Gradebook Templates feature essentially allows you to templatize the columns, so that they can be imported into other subjects more easily. Only the column names and categories are used. When importing into a new Gradebook, new dates are applied. You can read about this feature on our support site here:

Other Features

There are many other features that can be enabled, based on your subscription plan with us. Here are some examples that you can considering checking out:

  • Creating Grading Scales and Categories: Typically teachers must use grading scales and categories defined by the school. But there is an option to allow teachers to create their own grading scale.
  • Showing / Hiding Columns from Students and Parents: Typically, the school decides whether gradebook entries are visible to students and parents. There is an addtional option to allow teachers do decide and control which assignment to display, and which assignments to hide.
  • Drop Lowest Grade: Administrators would need to enable this feature, which allows teachers to automatically drop the lowest grade from the gradebook
  • Save History: The Gradebook History / Versioning App from our App Store has the ability to track every version of the Gradebook as it is saved. You can then refer to previously saved versions, and even restore to a previous version if desired.
  • Gradebook Import: This feature allows teachers to import grades from an Excel file, in the event teachers want to track grades offline (in an excel file), which then gets imported into the QuickSchools Gradebook periodically.

We’re constantly looking for feedback on ways to improve not only the Gradebook, but for our product in general. Please feel free to chat in with questions or feedback. Or leave a comment on our blog.

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