New Release – Mar 4, 2020

As mentioned in our previous release, our primary engineering focus is to address bugs and improve the general experience using QuickSchools. So here are the latest improvements:

Major Improvements

  • Limited release to restore “Print (In Order)” for Report Cards (See below)
  • Report Creator support for calculated fields in Transcripts (See below)
  • Online Payments now supports Canadian Dollar (See below)
  • Expanded API support for iOS and Android Apps

General Bug Fixes / Improvements

  • Improve how Period Names are configured in Scheduling module
  • Fix Email Alert for Fee Tracking module
  • Fix transaction date for Fee Tracking Importer
  • Fix error accessing notifications from a deleted user
  • Fix error displaying Formula Marks in Report Cards when grades are submitted from Gradebook
  • Fix error saving Student record when Sibling feature is disabled
  • Fix error sorting fees from Parent and Student Portals
  • Improve support for displaying only relevant teacher info on Parent and Student Portals
  • Report Creator support for Subject Credits
  • Super User App supports Custom Domain
  • Sign-Up Page now includes a new field for School Type
  • Miscellaneous improvements for QuickBooks Integration

Report Card Print (In Order)

The report card “Print (In Order)” function has been disabled for quite some time now. We are now rolling out this feature in a limited capacity. If you’d like to use this feature, please submit a request to our support team, and we’ll enable:

Report Card “Print (In Order” function

We’ll be doing some additional testing to make sure this feature works well, after which we’ll be releasing this feature to all schools. 

Reporting on Custom Transcripts

The Report Creator can now report of fields that have been configured on your Transcripts template. This is particularly useful for schools that have a custom template with custom calculations:

Fields from the Transcripts template in the Report Creator

The fields that appear in the Report Creator will depend on the fields that you’ve enabled on your transcripts module. If you see a missing field, please let us know, and we can have that added.

Online Payments (Stripe) Support for Canadian Currency

If you’re using our Online Payments module linked to Stripe, you can now specify the currency for online payment transactions. You can specify the currency when you “Configure” the “Fees Tracking” module under “Settings” > “Turn Features On / Off”:

Configure Currency for Online Payments in the Fees Tracking module

Please do let us know if you have any questions about this new feature.

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