New Release: Sprint E12

Here’s a list of the latest improvements in QuickSchools:

  • Master Scheduler – Distribute Courses (See Below)
  • Admissions Improvements (See Below)
    • Auto-Email on submission of invited Applications
  • Mobile App Framework Improvements
    • Support for Homework Attachments via API 
    • Support for Grading Scale via API
    • Support for Gradebook Comments via API
  • Miscellaneous Bug Fixes / Improvements
    • Report Creator support for Admissions Application Status
    • Report Creator support for Admissions Inquiry Status
    • Subject Importer Bug Fix
    • Subject Enrollment Importer Bug Fix
    • Subject Importer support for Academic Years
    • Advanced Discipline Code Set support for Group Schools

Admissions Improvements

Since Sprint E3, we’ve been slowly improving the Admissions module to allow administrators to invite applicants to the Admissions Application process. We’ve ported over the automatic email that is generated when an application is submitted. Previously, this was only available on the Online Embedded Form.

Master Scheduler – Distribute Courses

We’ve added a new section in Step 3 of the Master Scheduler, allowing users to “Distribute Courses”. With this feature, you can specify a group of courses that need to be distributed evenly between the available periods.

New “Distribute Courses” feature in Step 3

So for example, you may have several 6th grade level courses for all your 6th Graders. Can you include all these courses into a single group, and the Schedule will distribute those courses when you use the “Run” function in Step 4. This will ensure that courses do not overlap, especially if you only have a single cohort of students.

Create Groups of Courses to Distribute between Periods

If you have more than 1 cohort of students, overlaps cannot be avoided. But the system will attempt to reduce overlaps as much as possible, so as to reduce potential conflicts.

NOTE: This function is only useful if you plan to use the “Run” function in Step 4. Many of our schools prefer to use the drag-and-drop feature within Step 4, and use the automatic “Load” function in Step 5 instead. 

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