Simplified Scheduling vs. Master Scheduler

For schools looking for a Scheduling module, QuickSchools actually offers 2 such modules. The first, called “Simplified Scheduling” has been included with our Athena Plan since our early years, and can also be added as an app for non-Athena subscribers. The second, called the “Master Scheduler”, is a more recent addition, and caters to more complex situations. Both offer a drag-and-drop interface, conflict tracking and personalized scheduled in PDF format for students and teachers. But their applications vary quite significantly.

Here is a rundown of the key differences between the two modules:

Simplified ScheduleMaster Scheduler
Mainly used for Elementary Schools where students know what subjects they’ll be taking.Mainly for High Schools where students will be requesting the subjects to take.
Consists of ONE new screen, where you can easily drag-and-drop subjects (or rather sections) based on existing subject offering.Consists of SEVERAL new screens, where you can drag-and-drop courses based on future course offerings, as well as assign sections to students based on course requests and available sections.
No additional modules needed.In addition to sections, supports courses, departments, subject areas and rooms.
Students cannot request courses. The school admin will simply enroll students directly into subjects.Supports ability to bulk create / assign Course Requests (Course Packets), as well as the ability for students to submit Course Requests via the Student Portal.
Essentially, a single process for assigning subjects to periods (students are assigned subjects by the school admin).A 6-step process for creating a schedule, with one step dedicated to setting up sections, and an additional step to assign students to sections based on their course requests.
Simple algorithm for assigning subjects to available slots. Most schools simply use the drag-and-drop function to build the schedule.Flexible algorithms for assigning sections based on Singletons, Doubletons, and Block Sections / Courses. Can also use drag-and-drop function to assign courses to teachers and periods, or use the built-in algorithm.
10-step undo capability while schedule is being edited.  Undo resets every time you reopen a schedule.Can create multiple save-points which can be accessed any time.
Supports multiple period structures, but each grade level can only have ONE period structure.Supports multiple alternate bell schedules, as well as calendar-based bell schedules.

If you’re looking for a scheduling module, please chat in with us. We’d be happy to discuss both options with you, and recommend the better module based on your specific scenario.

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