Importing Your Data

Many of our modules offer the ability to import data from an Excel file. If you are tasked with adding a lot of data into your Quickschools account, doing so in bulk via our importers will be the most efficient method of completing this task. Below, we have consolidated a list of sample files, along with their original support article, for quick access.

Please note that you do not need to use our sample files to import data. You can use your existing Excel files as-is, and simply map the columns from your file to fields in our database. By using our sample files you have the added benefit of:

  • Knowing what fields are available for import
  • Skipping the mapping process (if column names are left the same)

Students & Parents

Add student and parent information from a single excel file. Supports Custom Fields if added as additional columns. This importer also supports updating existing student data in bulk.

Teachers & Staff

Import all of your teacher and staff information. This importer can also be used to update existing data.


One of our newest importers. Quickly and easily add attendance data. Particularly useful for historical attendance records.


Import current and historical grades directly into the gradebook. Supports individual assignments and final grades.

Subjects & Enrollment

Use this importer to create and assign subjects to teachers. Then, mass enroll students into those subjects.

Fee Tracking

Import charges and payments for each student, along with optional categories and descriptions.

Online Forms

You can import data directly onto an Online Forms packet, then process the submissions to enroll students, update existing data, or to simply save the forms in Quickschools.

Master Scheduler

If you use the Master Scheduler app, you can import the course catalog (the courses made available to be added onto enrollment periods) and student course requests.

Course Catalog

Course Requests

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