Teachers and Staff (E7)

By default, QuickSchools will designate all users at your school as “Teachers”. This is just our way of keeping things simple and consistent. All teachers (and by extension, all users) will have the same access.

Over the years, we’ve seen strong demand to have a separate role of users for “Staff”. And for a while now, we’ve provided this feature for schools that request it under Private Beta. Users who are designated as Staff have limited access. Since Staff users don’t teach, they don’t get access to Attendance, Gradebook and Report Cards by default. But you can give Staff users access to specific modules, based on their role in your school. For example, you can designate your Bookkeeper as a Staff User with access to the Fee Tracking module. Your Bookkeeper will not have access to Grading.

After much testing and refinement, we’re happy to announce that the Staff module is now available to all our schools with the Sprint E7 release. To turn it on, simply configure the “Teachers” module under “Settings” > “Turn Features On / Off”:

Turn on Staff Module
Turn on Staff Module

Once enabled, you’ll see a new “Staff” menu under the main “Teachers” menu:

New Staff menu under Teachers
New Staff menu under Teachers

When editing a record, you can designate the user as “Teacher” or “Staff” or both:

Staff and Teacher Roles
Staff and Teacher Roles

With the “Staff” module enabled, you’ll see an option to include “Staff” in various modules. For example, when creating an event in the Teachers Lounge, you can now share the event with “Teachers” or “Staff” or both. Sharing with only one group will exclude the other:

Events now support new Staff role
Events now support new Staff role

We’ll be rolling out the “Staff” option to the other modules within QuickSchools. If there’s an area you’d like to allow access to staff, but are unable to, please send us a request via chat or email. We look forward to your feedback.

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