New Release: Sprint E2

Our second sprint of the new year has been released. Here’s a list of the latest improvements in QuickSchools:

  • Dashboard Framework
    • School Dashboard v1 (Beta) – Article coming soon
  • Advanced Discipline (New App) – Article coming soon
  • OdysseyWare Framework (Beta)
  • Custom Domain App Improvements
  • Community Service App Improvements (see below)
    • Generated PDF now supports your school logo
    • Default CodeSet for new installations
  • Odysseyware (Beta) Framework Improvements
  • Student Number for Admissions Applications (see below)
  • Date Format when printing Attendance PDF (see below)
  • Miscellaneous Bug Fixes
    • Library App
    • Lunch Ordering Totals
    • Clear Test Data

Community Service App Improvements

Late last year, we introduced our new Community Service app in our App Store. We have 2 new improvements with today’s release:

When printing the Community Service records for a student, the PDF now displays the school’s information, along with the school logo:

Community Service PDF with School Info
Community Service PDF with School Info

When adding/editing a community service record, if you select “Activity”, “Award” or “Internship” as the type, the Code dropdown now has some selectable values:

Community Service Default Codes
Community Service Default Codes

Please note that the dropdown values can be configured. Please contact our support team if you’d like the options changed for your school.

Student Number in Admissions Applications

If the Student Number feature is enabled, it is now displayed in the Admissions Application as well:

Admissions Application with Student Number
Admissions Application with Student Number

The Student Number will transfer to the student record when the application is set to Enrolled.

Date Format when printing Attendance

In Sprint D16, we introduced the ability to print a student’s attendance record directly from the students’ Attendance tab. There is now a new option to allow users to select the date format when displaying dates on the generated PDF:

Attendance PDF with Date Format Options

We’ll have more detailed articles for some of the remaining new improvements announced today. Please stay tuned. Our next Sprint E3 will be 3 weeks long per the usual, with an expected release date of March 11.

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