Role-Based User Access

Quickschools allows school administrators to granularly control access to each module. Administrators can streamline access by using roles, or provide direct access to specific users.

Using TURN FEATURES ON/OFF, you can specify which user or role/s has access to each module:

Role-based Access

Creating a role allows you to streamline user access. Assign multiple users to the same role, and then assign access to that role. Each user assigned to that role will then inherit all access given to that role. So instead of allowing access to multiple users from the Features page, you can just enter the role.

For example, in the Admissions module, instead of entering 2-3 names in the list of users, you can create an Admissions role and just enter this role when assigning access to Admissions module.

To create role/s, click SETTINGS > School Profile > School Roles:

In our example above, the Admission role has access to the Admissions module, but you can also give it access to other modules like say the Students module. So if you have a new Admission staff, simply add the user to the Admissions role and he/she will instantly have access to all assigned access, which in this example would be the Admissions and Students module.

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