New Release: Sprint D17

Sprint D17 has just been released. Here’s a list of the latest improvements in QuickSchools:

  • Fee Tracking Improvements / Bug Fixes
    • Support Search by Student Number
    • Advanced Search for regular Student Billing (See below)
    • Improved error checking for non-numeric amounts
    • Copy Standard Charges on Semester Activation
    • Statement Email Formatting
    • Bug Fix related to Allocation
    • Bug Fix when displaying Opening Balance
  • Report Cards
    • Support for custom Emails when emailing out Report Cards
  • School Days Expansion (See below). Feature is now linked to
    • Lunch Ordering App
    • Student “Attendance” tab
  • Student Nationalities
    • Added “Saint Martin”
    • Removed “Netherlands Antilles”
  • Semester Activation performance improvement
  • Library App Improvements / Bug Fixes (See below)
    • Inactive students are automatically disabled as Members
    • Disallow Duplicate Barcodes
    • Warning message when deleting Sites that may contain Books
    • Other Misc. Bug Fixes
  • Lunch Ordering App (See below)
    • Unsubmitted Orders now appear as Unsubmitted
  • Bug Fixes / Improvements
    • Attendance PDF Date Formatting
    • Taking Attendance more robust for larger schools
    • Lesson Plan School Day Bug
    • Bug adding column to multiple Gradebooks
    • Program Attendance App Reporting

This week, we start Sprint D18, which will be the last Sprint for 2018, lasting only 2 weeks. Starting 2019, we’ll start the E-series Sprints, with roughly 18 Sprints from E1 to E18. Our next several Sprints will focus less on feature improvements but more on performance improvements. But feel free to share any feedback on what you’d like to see improved (and incorporated) in QuickSchools.

Fee Tracking Improvements

When searching for students in the Fee Tracking module, in addition to searching by Student Number, there is now an advanced search option, so you can search for students who have left:

Fee Tracking Advanced Search

The Advanced Search is not yet available for Family Billing. We’ll have this available in a future release.

School Days Expansion

In the previous Sprint D16 release, we introduced the capability to set School Days, from “Edit Overall Settings”. In the first iteration, the School Days concept was only applicable to the Lesson Plans by Subject feature. We’ve now expanded this configuration to encompass the Lunch Ordering App and the Student “Attendance” tab:

Lunch Ordering Configured with Schools Days on Wednesday thru Friday
Lunch Ordering Configured with Schools Days on Wednesday thru Friday

In the screenshot above, School Days have been defined as Wednesday thru Friday. As a result, the admin user can only configure lunch orders on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.

Library App Improvements

If you haven’t checked out the Library App from our App Store, be sure to read about it here:

With today’s release, when a student record is deactivated, the student’s membership is also disabled, so the student will be unable to check out books:

Checking Out Books for Inactive Students
Checking Out Books for Inactive Students

We’ve also introduced an error messaging when entering duplicate Barcodes, since barcodes needs to be unique to each copy of a book:

Error Adding Books with Duplicate Barcode
Error Adding Books with Duplicate Barcode

Finally, we’ve also added a warning message when deleting sites, since books linked to a site would also be deleted:

Warning when deleting a Library Site

Lunch Ordering App Improvements

If a parent does not submit an order in the Lunch Order App, the order will continue to appear as Unsubmitted when past the submission period:

Unsubmitted Orders past the Submission Due Date
Unsubmitted Orders past the Submission Due Date

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