Manually Adding Semesters to Transcripts

In QuickSchools students grades will automatically transfer over from teachers gradebooks to Transcripts. You can also manually add in semesters, grades, etc. onto a students transcript. You may need to do this if you are new to QuickSchools and want to add in grades from previous years, if you have a transfer student, etc.

Simply open a students transcript and click on the “Add Semester” option to begin adding in a semester manually:

Blog 12.5

Once you do this you will notice that a new semester has been added to the transcript, you can click in the new fields to type in a name and year for the semester:

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To add subjects to click on the new semester to see your options, there you will see the “Add Subject” option. Once you click on “Add Subject” a new entry will be added where you can enter the subject name, marks, grade, credits, etc.:

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For more information on Transcripts see our Best Practices article and as always please chat in if you have any additional questions on how this process works.

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