Importing Students and Teachers

Quickschools provides an efficient way to add student and teacher information in bulk — by importing information from an excel file. To do this you need to have your data accessible in an Excel file, one with either an “.xls” or “.xlsx” extension.

To initiate the import, simply click the Import button under Students/Teachers tab:


QuickSchools will automatically analyze your file and map commonly-named columns to the fields in QuickSchools. But you can override the mapping as you see fit:

Student Import mapping

Teacher Import mapping

You can also use this procedure to update student and teacher records. To update student records, your import file simply needs to contain the student names that match the student names in the system. During the import, when the system finds an existing record for a student on file, it updates the existing record instead of creating a new one. The same goes for updating teacher information via Import.


  • When updating student records, the name in the file needs to be an EXACT match of the student name in the system (no extra spaces, case sensitive); Otherwise, Quickschools will create a new record for the student.
  • To avoid creating new student records instead of updating existing ones, we recommend including the Student Number/ID in the import file. In doing so, the system will match students based solely on the Student Number/ID. This will address situations where you may have multiple records with the same exact name.

You can get a sample of the import files below:

For more info on adding student and teacher information into Quickschools, please check out our Support articles below:

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