New Release: Sprint D9

It’s July, and Summer is in full swing. Do check out our Summer Series, if you haven’t already.

It’s been 3 weeks since QuickSchools last made a production release (Sprint D8). Today, we released Sprint D9 which has the following improvements:

  • Audit Trail when adding / activating academic terms (Private Beta)
  • Improvements to the Standards-Based Gradebook
    • New “Decaying Weights” score calculation
    • New “Power Law” score calculation
    • New “Weighted Average by Standard” overall grade calculation
  • GPA Reporting Support on Report Creator for our original Transcripts module
  • Improvements / Bug Fixes to recent Gradebook Improvement to display resigned teachers based on selected academic term
  • Improved Language Support for Embedded Forms on the Admissions module

Details to some of these features will be posted to our blog later this week. Please feel free to chat in with questions, comments or suggestions.

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